Version 2.0 is finally here. I went ahead and redesigned into a wider, 3-column layout to allow more room for widgets and such. I had to ditch the old route of using pages, so they’ve been added into a new column to scale easier. Gravatars and widgets have all been enabled, and now you should have plenty of room to build in ad space if you’d like. I considered building that in, but still haven’t figured out how to hook into the WordPress dashboard for easier manipulation. I guess that will be version 2.5…

Anyhow, enjoy the theme. New files are located below to download:

  • Notepad Chaos Version 2.0 Theme
  • Notepad Chaos Version 2.0 Photoshop files

Please leave the footer links and logos intact if used. Enjoy!

NOTICE: Please only download this theme from here (, or through Smashing Magazine. There are a few sites out there redistributing this theme with spyware/malware embeded.

Like this theme? Check out the variant theme “Desktop Chaos”:

“Notepad Chaos” Version 1.5 WordPress theme now available

An interim update of the popular “Notepad Chaos” WordPress theme is available. I’m still planning a major 2.0 release, but have been slammed by other work as of late to get to it. Sincere apologies for taking this long just to get this update done.

The theme has been cleaned up and updated to the latest version of wordpress. I’ve added in Gravatar support, custom category page and dynamic sidebars to include all the widget you want (can’t guarantee they’ll all look good though).

The next release will have threaded comments, an updated design, and whatever else I can squeeze in.

You can download the theme here.

Download the photoshop files generated for the theme here. Enjoy!

Notepad Chaos theme version 2 coming soon

So after a huge amount of demand; I’ll be doing a massive update to the Notepad Chaos theme. I’ll be adding new templates, dynamic sidebars, room for advertising space, and any extras and odds and ends I can think of.

You’ll be able to grab it hear, and once finished, I’ll be forwarding the new files to Smashing Magazine as well.

I won’t be updating the blogger version however, since my knowledge of that platform is nil.

Keep checking here for updates!

A short note on my “Notepad Chaos” theme

I get a lot of inbound emails from users asking for CSS/HTML help on my “Notepad Chaos” theme. When I created this theme, it was for WordPress users only. Since then a handful of wonderful designers and developers have ported it over to other platforms, such as bloggers.

Unfortunately, I know very, very little about these other platforms. My only CMS experience has been with WordPress, Expression Engine, and some custom platforms. If you have any issues with the way the theme is rendering or working on any of these platforms, feel free to email me and ask. If it’s on a platform outside of these – I apologize, but I’m really no help at all.

This also pertains to all of the themes that I’ve created.