6 Benefits Of Hiring A WordPress Developer And A Designer

Building a website has never been easier as a result of the world’s largest web hosting platform, WordPress. 40% of websites are built on wordpress and there is a good reason why many are attracted to wordpress. They are easy to deploy, functional, highly customizable, give you the aesthetics and appeals and are even easier to maintain. 

While WordPress made the process of building a website, the system does not come without its complexities. Many small business owners and even large businesses gamble with the idea of hiring their own wordpress designers. 


Many say it is useless to hire a separate designer when wordpress was designed to be cost effective and made for the least tech savvy people. In hindsight this is true. WordPress was indeed made for those lacking much technical knowledge. It is also made with built in features and plugins to get your site up and running and noticed by the search engine as well as people. So what’s the need for a wordpress designer when we could do it all by ourselves? 

WordPress designers are those with the technical knowledge and language proficiency to build and implement an attractive website that is interactive, engaging and user friendly. They are responsible for designing the layout, playing with the customizations, generating plugins, improving security, upgrading the status of the website based on the metrics and performance  and so many more. Their overall goals are to meet the business objectives for the website and build a fully functioning one that amplifies the satisfaction. 

They Can Customize Your Website 

Customization is tricky when it comes to doing it on your own. You need some knowledge of coding languages to be able to modify or mold an existing theme or even make one from scratch. Many wordpress designers tend to build their own designs of the sites, with modified fonts, colour palettes, stylistic details. They either use the WordPress site itself for modification or use an editing tool such as Photoshop to build their own theme for customizations. Once the edit is done, advanced designers with their knowledge in wordpress development can also build this into the actual HTML site. 

They Can Build Your Brand 

A wordpress designer is a crucial part of building the overall look and image of your site. And the visual appeal of your website is directly tied to the image of your brand since the website layout is what people see and perceive. The ease of layout, the user centricity and the friendly navigation all points to enhancing user experience which plays a major role in the branding of the business.

A wordpress designer can camplify the image of your brand by elevating the design of your website. They understand the complexities of user experience and psychology of design that makes users attracted to you and improve their overall satisfaction. 

They Can Combat Security Vulnerabilities

A newbie to the word of wordpress design hardly knows much about building in security and combating attacks when building their website. This pandemic has led to an increased number of cyber attacks on the web and statistics suggest that there is an attack in about every 39 seconds. Your website must be protected from all sorts of attacks on the web. Maximum security is something a web designer and developer can help provide. 

They Can Create A Competitive Advantage 

Who knows your competitors better than someone who did their website or did similar websites in the industry and niche you are in? Web designers know the importance of creating a competitive edge with the help of a website. They also know how to improve the rankings of your website compared to the competitor’s website. They also have a thorough understanding of who your customers are and what they expect from you on your website. A good wordpress web designer will use his or her prowess and knowledge to create a website that is highly customized, fast, readable and much more responsive compared to your competitors website. 

They Are Cost Effective 

WordPress designers can be a lot more expensive than having to build the website yourself. But can you put a price and replacement on years of experience, the ability to customize, increase site traffic, create efficient branding, improve user centricity and build a sleek website? Probably not. While we can create our own, it is likely to end up looking like every other website made using wordpress. It can come across as dull and repetitive to your readers and users.

Web designers are also much more cost effective than hiring your own team of developers and designers. You do not need to pay an extra salary or build office space for new employees. Many wordpress web designers work remotely and have varying charges and fees depending on your needs. They have custom packages that can fulfill your needs and can give you an array of opportunities to explore. 

They Can Improve The Site Traffic 

The first and foremost reason to create a website is to build a face to your business. This face is responsible for bringing in customers and amplifying the customer journey. They open up new experiences and informational outlets for customers and readers. As web designers, their aim is to elevate the face of the website to increase its visibility on the search engine. Ofcourse, by implementing SEO practises. Web designers have well seasoned experience with the way design and SEO works. They know which plugins work the best and how to resolve any conflict with the plugins as well. They know what will improve the site speed