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Is Web Design Dead?

A common belief in the Internet world is that the profession of web design and development  is dying. Due to the rapid evolution of the internet, there are now a myriad of easier and cheaper options people who want websites can choose from instead of hiring someone to make it for them. However, web designers have been around since 1993. If the occupation can last for almost three decades, the chances of it dying out are slim. Though there are plenty of cases of jobs going extinct in the wake of more advanced technology (paperboy, milkman, video store clerk), web design has been around since websites have been around. It’s unlikely that this will change.

Now when asking “is web design dead”, we don’t mean a literal death, more a figurative one. There’s no need for web designers to start looking for insurance coverage for death malaysia, though having insurance is always a good idea. But will web designers be out of work soon? Will they have to start looking for a new career path? Here are the main reasons why most people believe this to be true.

Web Templates

looking for insurance coverage for death malaysia

Web builders or sometimes referred to as web templates are the number one culprit behind the question of whether or not web design is dying. A web template enables an individual to build a website without any knowledge of technical stuff such as coding. The need for expert web designers and their knowledge of coding becomes moot when this service exists. Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are some of the current popular choices for web templates. Selecting these alternatives to web designers saves both money and time, not to mention effort as it is much easier to use a template instead of starting from scratch.

Using website templates also provides certain functions that web designers simply don’t such as quick content post, online support and more choices. When utilizing web builders, you can post your content much quicker as you don’t have to wait for the designer to finish and green light the posting. Online web templates also provide online support through customer service calls or text in case you experience any technical issues with your website. Lastly, sites such as Squarespace and Weebly also allow you to customize your designs according to your preferences while still allowing for peak performance. 

Artificial Intelligence

looking for insurance coverage for death malaysia

In addition to web templates and builders, the advancement of AI has also made hiring web designers obsolete. Nowadays, sites like The Grid utilizes artificial intelligence to make design decisions that best fits the content of your website. Images, layouts, fonts, colors, text; all of these website elements are chosen by a knowledge engineering software. Since these artificial intelligences use a ton of pre-programmed data to make these design choices, it’s safe to say that the software could definitely come up with a website that looks and even functions better than what the average web designer can create. So why hire one when you have this advanced alternative?

So does the creation of these services mean that web design is officially dead and gone? Will web designers find themselves out of a job in 5 or 10 years? Here are some reasons why that is most likely not the case.

User Satisfaction

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One factor that web designers are professionally skilled in is making sure that the website they create is positively received by users. It’s important that people who visit a website do not feel put off or annoyed by the experience as this significantly lowers the chances of them returning to said website. They might even choose to visit your competition’s site instead. The rate of repeat visitors is crucial to a website’s visibility; the more people revisit your website, the more traffic your site receives. Web designers are pros at figuring out how to design a website to best cater to the users and ensure that they find it as user friendly as possible. This is something that can’t be replicated with web templates, builders and artificial intelligence. Sometimes you just need good old fashioned human labor.

Lack of Variety

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Even though, as stated, web builders and templates allow users to make their own customizations and choices, they still have to make decisions from a set of ready-made templates. Your website isn’t the only one out there, there are literally millions of sites on the internet, if not more. If everyone is utilizing these templates, then won’t all websites look the same? This lack of uniqueness leads to websites blending into the background as they all seem synonymous with each other. In other words, you don’t stand out. There’s nothing about your site that grabs the attention of users as they’ve seen it all before. That’s the precise reason why web designers are still relevant and will most likely always be. They provide variety to their client’s sites that templates and AI simply can’t. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, then outsourcing web design is the best choice for you.


looking for insurance coverage for death malaysia

The truth of the matter is, some professions simply can’t be replaced with technology. No matter how advanced a software is, it still lacks the awareness of how human beings operate as artificial intelligence can’t think for itself (yet?). It takes nothing short of a human to make decisions in order to create websites that are best suited for other humans to visit. It might be easier now for the average joe to create a website without any outside help but web designers can rest easy knowing that their creation will always stand out.

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What Does a Website Bring to Your Business?

Have you ever seen a product advertised by an influencer and thought to yourself that you would like to purchase it only to find that the seller only does business through social media? A lot of people find that quite off putting because it is not easy to locate smaller businesses on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, businesses that have websites seem to be the favourite for many people. Why is that so? Why do people prefer to take their business to sellers who advertise their wares on a website rather than other means?

Brings awareness to your brand

Teh Talk

Many sellers seem to dwindle in size when they choose to carry out business on social media rather than using a website. That might be because websites help to create brand awareness. When your business has a website, it tells people that you are serious about what you are doing. You took the time to get a website made and you are showcasing all the products and/or services that you offer in one convenient spot that is easy to browse. The information found on your website is reliable and can be trusted because it was you, the business owner who put it up as opposed to information found on social media which can be posted by just about anyone. 

Not only that, you are able to create and design your website to suit your vision. The arrangement is the way you want it, the colours were chosen by you and basically every aspect was selected by you. There is very limited control when it comes to social media because you have to do it based on what the platform allows. This means that you and everyone else who uses social media for business has more or less the same page and that just screams no creativity to potential and prospective clients. A website will set you apart from your competition. Think about it, who would you rather give your business to, a company who’s page looks like just about every other business page on Instagram or someone who has a website that clearly showcases everything they have to offer. The answer is quite obvious is it not?

Provides better customer service

Teh Talk

Imagine you order a product from an online retailer and it reaches you in a defective state. Obviously, you need to return it so you go online to look for the information you need to do it. Unfortunately, the business only operates through Facebook and they have hundreds of direct messages sent to them everyday, resulting in your message getting buried in the pile. That results in a very negative experience that makes you not want to support that business anymore. Now, what about if that business used a website instead. One where there was a specific section to contact the company about a defective product, where a response within a certain time frame was promised. 

Teh Talk

This is how a website can help the customer have a more positive and overall better experience. For one thing, the customer does not need to go to the trouble of making a call if they have any questions about the company as everything is displayed neatly and conveniently on the website. They can easily locate what they need and go about their day. Moreover, let’s say the customer still needs to contact the business. A website can help with this too because if there is a section specifically to send in messages, then the problem is solved. And if not, at least all the contact information is conveniently located in a specified section and the customer can send an email or make a call rather than sending a direct or personal message that can easily be deleted or buried. Let’s take the Teh Talk website as an example. They have an easy to find ‘contact us’ section where you can send in an email or fill up a form to get your inquiries to them. How easy is that?

Easy to get updates and post announcements

Teh Talk

Do you find it annoying when you’re scrolling through instagram and keep seeing updates from that business that you followed two years ago that you keep meaning to unfollow but never do? A website fixes that issue. If you are a frequent supporter of a business then yes, frequent updates is a plus point but you still don’t want to be seeing it morning, noon and night. With a website, you get all the updates and announcements that you would need, but only when you want to see it. You won’t be inundated with information at inconvenient times but only when you actually go on the website. 

Not only that, but it is really easy for anyone to post whatever they want on social media. Meaning that it would be no hassle for someone with a similar sounding name as your business to post incorrect information and confuse your potential and current customers. Somebody could post about a promotion to draw in customers only for them to find out that it’s not true. Any business owner knows that a bad experience results in a lost customer and fake promotions sure does create a lot of lost customers. However, with a website, only you can post announcements and updates. People who read them can know with a hundred percent certainty that it’s the truth. You can post on whatever offers or promotions you want and your clients can rest assured that they won’t be disappointed at the checkout page. 


Teh Talk

In conclusion, there are many advantages to having a website for your company. It benefits not only the business but the customer as well. In today’s world, it is very important to set yourself apart from the competition because there are hundreds of other businesses that are just waiting to see you fail because that means less competition for them. Just look at the many websites out there that publish articles on different topics. Yet, people flock to Teh Talk to get their reading fix because of their enticing website that has all its offerings conveniently arranged under the many tabs. 

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Benefits of Online Websites to Mothers with Newborn Babies

What are Online Websites?

The internet is essential for any individual’s everyday life. You can access many different websites on a daily basis at any time of the day using your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Online websites serve many purposes such as a platform for entertainment, gaining information, and purchasing products from across the world. These websites are advantageous and beneficial to mothers with newborn babies. Before we dive into the benefits of online websites to mothers with newborn babies, here are a few basic responsibilities of a mother to her newborn or child. 

Responsibilities as a Mother to a Newborn

Once a mother, you may occasionally feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself. However, it is important to know your basic responsibilities to your child. Firstly, as a mother always remember that you need to show support to your child. Support your child by giving encouragement through communication. Next, protect your child. Both proper physical and emotional protection for your child from a newborn and through their childhood needs to be positive. For a newborn, a mother must be extremely careful when handling and carrying the baby as it is just at the starting point of development. Emotional support involves the tone of voice used when communicating and the physical environment in which the child grows up plays a big role in the emotional and mental state of the child as he or she grows into an adult. Do your best in providing a positive surrounding and give remarks to your child by avoiding physical abuse and harsh words. 

Third, provide a healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious meals and adequate exercise and resting time. When caring for a newborn, always remember that not only breastfeeding your baby is enough to provide the required nutrition. Keep an eye on your baby’s physical reactions to breastfeeding and baby products like lotions and soaps used. Do observe if your baby is breastfeeding well and keep track of the frequency of breastfeeding and sleep. After applying lotions or after baths, check if your baby has any allergic reactions like rashes. If an allergic reaction does occur, make sure to stop using that product and bring your baby to the paediatrician for a check-up and get recommendations on the changes. 

Benefits of Online Websites To New Mothers

Now, when we talk about the benefits of online websites to mothers, specifically new mothers and single mothers, there are some individuals who are not aware of the correlation. However, as technology has advanced and has become a daily necessity, the internet is where information from all sorts of sources is shared with the public. From official research findings to blogs that are posted on various websites do cover a diverse amount and types of topics from around the world. This includes details, knowledge, and guidance for new mothers with newborns. An example of information a mother can gain from online websites is the types of silicone breast pump suction malaysia that she can learn about and purchase online. So, below are the benefits of websites to mothers. 

A Platform to Gain Information 

The internet has a lot of information. Mothers can browse the internet and websites in order to find articles or research findings on topics that they require intel on. Just like how students use the internet for educational purposes like homework and specific topics in subjects, this concept is similar for mothers. Mothers need to gain more information on how to breastfeed, how to take care of their newborns, the efficient ways to change a baby’s diapers, and many other topics. It is important to consult your baby’s paediatrician first on the basics and key steps to take. However, you do not have the luxury to keep going to the doctor or nurse for everything. There are other experienced mothers and doctors who write posted blogs on such topics and new mothers can learn the tips and implement them into their daily lives. Although it is beneficial in such a manner, mothers must ensure that the information retrieved from the internet is from reliable sources. If uncertain, then you can double-check with the doctor at a check-up. 

An Entertainment Platform for Mothers and Their Newborns

The internet is considered an entertainment venue for many. You could use the internet to browse websites where you can play games, listen to music, watch videos and do many more things. Since you can watch videos and listen to music on your laptops or smartphones, mothers could do these things on their own, or along with their babies. Maybe playing word games and listening to music while resting alone could help to reduce the mothers’ stress. When with her baby, a mother could listen to soft music and watch kids’ shows together. It can be considered a method of bonding between the mother and baby.   

A Platform for the Mother to do Online Shopping

Online shopping is common nowadays as it is quite hassle-free. Mothers can use online shopping websites and applications to make purchases, be it postnatal care products, baby products, or personal use products. This is because online shopping cuts the time and effort needed to go to physical stores. Parents can avoid having to drive to and from the shops, through traffic jams, spending a lot of time and money finding and paying for parking, reduce the physical exhaustion of walking from shop to shop to buy things, and try to prevent overspending. You can try to not overspend online since when in a physical store, the products are displayed everywhere and it may increase the urge to purchase items that are not on your list as compared to online shopping. When purchasing items or products online, you have the advantage of using store vouchers for discounts or the coins redemption in mobile shopping apps such as Shopee.

How Web Design Can Affect Digital Marketing

digital marketing malaysia

You’re losing out on a lot of excellent chances if you don’t have a website for your business or other professional creative endeavours. A website may help you achieve a variety of goals while also assisting your company’s growth. Consumers come to your website to check what you have to offer and what you’re up to. People identify it with the words and actions you send out in your business, both offline and online. It’s a fantastic marketing tool with several advantages for serious business owners.

Layout, contents, images, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization are just a few of the factors that go into web design. While site design is an important and necessary aspect of your marketing efforts, many firms overlook the fact that it is only one component of a larger digital marketing strategy that should be consistent in appearance, feel, and purpose with other marketing activities such as paid advertising.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, who is trying to build your business from the ground up, it is advisable that you search for digital marketing in Malaysia that can assist you in building the perfect web design as well as marketing your products. If you are still unsure, here are some positive effects that your business can gain if you opt for digital marketing by enhancing your web design, through professional help.

Assist in SEO Marketing

digital marketing malaysia

Excellent site design helps your business rank higher in search engines by aiding in the optimization process. Find any digital marketing Malaysia that can help your business get noticed wherever you want to be viewed, from delivering great content to make your website widely accessible on any device. They’ll strive to maintain their clients informed about search engine algorithms, and the websites will play an important role in getting noticed. Developing business reliability and validity requires establishing a consistent brand identity, and having a professional website may help you express your brand’s narrative more successfully.

digital marketing malaysia
When addressing web design with SEO in mind, consider the long-term objectives of the website. Emerging web design trends come and go all the time, but your digital footprint and brand identity are things you want to keep. As a result, don’t put too much emphasis on shifting web design trends. Instead, place a considerable emphasis on the website’s user interface and user experience. Parallax, for example, is one of the most prominent web design trends nowadays. When consumers scroll down the website, the design displays a single page that continues indefinitely. Although parallax design is popular among consumers and web designers, it is not well-liked by search engines. Who knows if this website design style will continue to be trendy in a few years.

Boost Your Search Engine Ranks and Brand Identity

digital marketing malaysia

An out-of-date and mediocre website will only damage your search ranking efficiency, therefore it’s critical to invest in a professional website design now so that your website can continue to climb the search engine ranks. Although Google is known for its algorithms, this might be beneficial when using Google Analytics. From displaying the statistics of your website’s traffic to the pages that are most prominent with your prospective customers, Google Analytics reports, may help you grasp the value of effective web design.

Consumers’ first and most usual point of contact is a company’s website. It exhibits your experience and market reputation, while also demonstrating the professionalism of your company. It is for this reason that website design is so important in any digital marketing strategy. Because your company’s website plays such a significant role in generating a positive first impression on clients, it’s not something you should overlook. You should make sure that your website design puts your best self forward in order to inspire client trust and confidence, as well as gain their business. Website design supports your brand image in the digital era. If you want to thrive in the digital world, you must give importance to the design of your website.

Helps in Branding

digital marketing malaysia

Finally, there are the branding advantages that come with good site design. There is a significant distinction between branding and web design. However, the design of a website has an influence on branding. Although your website design isn’t really your brand, it is a significant aspect of branding that helps you build credibility and good relationships with your consumers. A good deal of digital marketing in Malaysia will  work with you to create or maintain a distinct identity for your company, which we then apply to all aspects of your website’s design. A website that communicates your company’s coherent brand is quicker to access, comprehend, and provides a better experience for potential consumers. 

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Building A Website For Beginners

Unifi package Malaysia
Whenever we think of creating our own website, it is not uncommon to think that building one would include some sort of coding. However, thanks to the easily accessible platforms, as well as the internet, building your own website can as easy and quick as turning a page. Of course, with better internet, it can even be a lot quicker. Unifi package Malaysia provides unlimited internet with many perks based on the package they offer. You don’t have to worry about crashing the website you are building anymore.

It can be overwhelming if you are not used to the different options and setting that certain platforms provide you with. As long as you be more aware of the difference and the functionality of each setting, explore it with an open mind, nothing is impossible.

The Importance

Unifi package Malaysia

Creating a website can have a lot of perks, and it depends on the reason why you want to build a website. If you wish to build a website for your business, then it is a great idea. There are so many established companies out there that have their own website, from industrial companies to even the smallest businesses. This is due to the fact that 93 per cent of business purchase decisions begin with a website search on a web browser. With 93 per cent of business choices beginning with a search engine search, you’re only advertising to 7% of your demographic if you don’t have a website.

Another reason a website is vital for your organization is that if you don’t have one, a huge section of the market will not see you as a viable alternative when they are planning to buy the product you are selling. I know that if I’m dealing with a supplier who I’m trying to buy from, and they don’t even have a website, I’m going to dismiss them as a viable choice and my opinion of them will be lowered. It gives me the feeling that it is a badly run corporation.

Similar if you are your own business. Meaning that if you are selling a freelance service, you can always create your own portfolio in the form of a website. This would increase your credibility as well as your professionalism. Creating a portfolio through a website is also very flexible, as you can design the aesthetic following your own personality. It differs greatly if you put up your work and the details, on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media platforms, as they have their own style that you need to follow.

Steps To Take

Unifi package Malaysia
  1. Select the most appropriate website builder for your needs.

Website builders are quite popular these days – and for good reason – but you must choose one that best suits your needs. Wix has more than 100 million users, while Shopify recently surpassed 1.2 million. Website builders allow anybody, regardless of technical ability, to create a website. They handle the technical language, allowing you to concentrate on design and content. Some use templates, while others use drag-and-drop interfaces that make creating a website as simple as putting together a PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Choose a plan that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

After you’ve decided on a website builder, you’ll need to decide on a pricing plan. The lesser options would generally be enough if you only need a simple site (for example, for a portfolio or a small service firm). Check out the options available with the more costly plans if you want something more advanced. If you’re unsure, start small and improve later.

  1. Make a domain name that is both distinctive and relevant.

Your site’s unique address is called a domain name; for example, ours is notepadchaos.com. You’ll need to choose one for your site, which you can accomplish quickly with your website builder (you’ll be prompted when you join up). You can transfer your domain name to any platform you like (you’ll see an option for this).

Unifi package Malaysia
  1. Choose a design template that you enjoy working with.

Now comes the fun part: deciding on a design for your website by selecting a ‘template’ or ‘theme’ to work with. After you’ve joined up, your website builder will direct you to this stage. Industry and site types are used to categorize templates. Take a few for a test drive before deciding on a favourite.

  1. Make changes to the design of the template.

It’s time to add your own material and photos to your template. Again, most builders will walk you through this, but it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it. Your website will begin to look like your website in no time.

  1. Make your own material and format it.

It’s time to start filling your website with your own photographs and written material now that it’s starting to take shape. You may ‘move’ text and picture boxes about each page, and also replace any ‘placeholder’ material currently on your design (if you use a drag-and-drop builder).

Unifi package Malaysia
  1. Your website should be previewed and tested.

Remember to test your site on both mobile and desktop before launching it!

  1. Make your website available on the internet.

When you’re ready, click the Publish button! But don’t worry, making adjustments to your site after it’s been launched is simple. Keep in mind that certain builders will not allow you to change templates after your site is online.

Web Design Tips & More For The Construction Industry.

Building Material Malaysia construction

There are some common construction materials that all builders utilize on their constructions, however the style of the structure is completely at the discretion of the architect and purchaser of the building plans. Meaningful manufacturers can be found all over the world, and there are a multitude of material alternatives to select from. The internet provides you with an array of options each dazzling with their own web design to capture your interest, so which one will you choose?

Pickup trucks, nail guns, portable circular saws, cement mixer trucks, and contemporary hydraulic excavators are all different variations of the same tool: a heavy-duty, large-wheeled, power-driven vehicle. While the most obvious response is that all these items are commonplace on building sites nowadays, they may also be found on the battlefield. The second accurate answer is that they are all modern building technologies that weren’t around 100 years ago.

 How has the material and equipment improved?

With construction technology, think about what the jobsite might be like today. We’d be manually drilling holes and cutting boards without power equipment. Laboratory experiments carried out without the use of heavy equipment will determine how long it takes for people to dig a trench with shovels and pickaxes. Most buildings would only be two or three stories’ tall without the elevator.

Developments in new construction equipment are usually responsible for the continued progress of construction, therefore it’s surprising to see so many firms sitting on their hands when it comes to using new building technologies. We can create structures that are both stronger and higher, and which use less energy. Safety has been improved at building sites because of the use of technology. We have been able to boost production, enhance teamwork, and take on increasingly complicated projects because of it.

What can you utilize to create a structure that’s the strongest?

There have been several innovative construction materials devised over the years. Tires, beer bottles, and even corn cobs have all been used to build dwellings.

For the long haul, though, relatively conventional approaches are the only option. In order to create a house, the most lasting elements you may utilize are: wood, concrete, brick, glass, and metal.

One of the many benefits of using Classic Wood for home design is that it compliments a variety of materials. It is lighter in weight, and simple to use, but the longer you leave it, the better it gets.Nevertheless, one disadvantage of wood is that it is highly flammable. 

Hard, stable, reliable concrete.

building material malaysia

Concrete is clearly the better building material when you contrast it to wood. It can now be strengthened with rebar, which has made it a popular option for all types of building.

Concrete is a very flexible building material, and it is rather inexpensive. Due to its numerous benefits, the popularity of precast concrete is on the rise today.

Renowned stone for construction.

buildng material Malaysia stone construction.

Even in high-end houses, stone veneer is quite difficult to deal with on its own. To quarry, and even more expensive to move, is laborious and tedious. There are builders who are just not capable of building with stone.

The construction material still impresses. Because it is a kind of rock, stone does not require mortar, and has outstanding fire-resistant characteristics.

Steel may be found in high-rise structures in a dual capacity. Additionally, it is utilized in the construction of reinforced concrete buildings, as well as in supporting other materials.

For industrial structures, steel is one of the best materials to use. It’s simple to fasten, weld, or rivet, and it may be recycled as well. It is sufficiently inexpensive for the construction of big warehouses, and it may be found in home building, too. 

A long standing favorite.

Brick is a common and long-lasting building material. For most types of buildings, they are low maintenance, although they are vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. Brick building is equally labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Trying to choose the most effective substance for your construction.

A unique set of conditions will affect whatever materials you choose for your house. Materials that can stand up to harsh weather may be required areas.

If your environment is reliable, you can get away with an economical alternative. While some people continue to live in tents in the world’s deserts, there are some who are as happy without having to do so.

Build a home from any of the above materials thanks to current technology. While there are several different designs in the game, they have been built to look and behave like their equivalent counterparts. Concrete, for example, can resemble natural stones like limestone or brick.

Using the internet to employ a construction material supplier.

Building Material Malaysia construction

Nowadays, we are living in a technological era, even for construction. Whenever you are in search of something you look to the internet. Here you are given an array of options of sites to choose from. The website that  picks your interest is the one with the best, most efficient layout or design. Looking for a building material supplier has never been so easy. You should look for the site that provides the most information about their material and has an easy to read layout to avoid confusion.

When it comes to picking the appropriate building materials, it is vital to know how stable and sound your structure is. In Malaysia, you may discover a high-quality aggregate provider that can help you with the project you want to undertake. Alternatively, if you’re interested in building material in Malaysia for construction, you may locate a good material supplier in Malaysia.

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What You Need to Know About Creating a Real Estate Website

Are you contemplating the creation of a real estate website but are unsure of where to begin? This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a real estate website.

When starting an online business, it is natural to feel overwhelmed at first, but with the right advice, the process becomes much easier and less complicated.

This post is intended for those who are just starting out in the real estate industry and want to take their company to the next level. Its goal is to assist you in creating a feature-rich and visually appealing real estate directory without ever requiring the assistance of technical specialists to resolve your issues.

In order to avoid making mistakes in their new business, brokers, estate agents, and anybody else who wants to establish their own real estate website and make some passive revenue via the internet directory should proceed with caution.

Alison Murray – Edmonton Realtor – AgentID Marketing | Real Estate Agent  Web Design + Branding

You Are Capable of Doing it On Your Own.

Creating and maintaining websites is no longer the exclusive province of technically savvy individuals.

Anyone who is interested in starting something new, whether they are students or housewives looking to do something productive in their spare time, real estate agents or property dealers looking to create and manage their own websites, whoever that is looking to earn some passive income, or anyone who is motivated enough to start something new, I want to assure them that they can do so on their own.

Are you ready to get started?

Starting a real estate directory website requires a significant amount of thought and dedication. Some questions may arise in your mind before you begin, such as where should you begin and how long will it take. What should you do once your website has been launched? How can you make money from your real estate website without having to work?

Consequently, the following method will walk you through the process of creating a fully-functional and comprehensive real estate directory website.

Get a domain name 

This is the permanent address for your website. Exactly like your home address, your website too needs a distinct name and address of its own, don’t you think?

So, first and foremost, we must get the domain name (which will act as the permanent address for your website) and the server space (room on the server to store your data).

Simply said, a domain name is an address that is exclusive to your website. Take, for example, our domain name, “Notepadchaos.com.” A web address is what most people refer to when they think of a website.

In most cases, a domain name will serve as the internet representation of your company. When selecting a domain name for your real estate company online, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

If you run a commercial real estate website, it is usually advantageous to have a domain ending in.com.

It should be straightforward and simple to remember. Try to make it as brief as possible.

For example, https://www.edgeprop.my/ is a real estate listing directory for Sunway Damansara and Country Heights that lists properties and homes and assists people in finding their dream home as well as assisting them with the loan process.


Purchase some server space for your website.

So, now that you have registered a domain name for yourself, the following step will assist you in obtaining a web-hosting account.

Any website cannot be launched without first establishing a hosting account. The good news is that, thanks to technological advancements and the internet, there are many hosting businesses that are all competing against one another and striving to be more helpful to end-users. As a result, there are many choices available, and you may choose from a variety of plans from a variety of hosts, all of which are committed to providing you with the finest service possible.

The initial configuration of your website

It is possible to begin building your website as soon as you have registered your domain name and purchased hosting.

SAP Accounting System Malaysia
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The Benefits of Integrating Accounting Software Into Your Website

Since technology was first invented, we have believed that they should make our lives more convenient! Check out the following reasons why we think that every company should utilise the technology of accounting software in order to save time and money, as well as to make their life more convenient in general.

To help you get started, SAP accounting system Malaysia is the ideal option to assist you escape the headaches of accounting while also saving you a significant amount of money in the process. Additionally, getting started is very easy and intuitive for entrepreneurs and online business website owners.

In order to explain accounting software, this article attempts to explain everything in simple terms, as well as why we believe you should use accounting software in conjunction with your website if you are an online business owner.

Since many of our readers are new to operating a company website or using accounting software, we’ve included some fundamental “terms and accounting essentials” to get them started.

What Are Accounts And How Do They Differ From One Another?

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A set of “accounts” showing everything a business has sold as well as everything it has purchased is required to be filed by every corporation once a year by the government. If you own and operate a limited liability company (Ltd), you must file yearly accounts in addition to your personal tax return.

If you are a single owner, your accounting records will be merged with your personal tax return for filing purposes. Typically, accounts are produced by a bookkeeper and reviewed by an accountant before being submitted for approval.

What Exactly Is Accounting Software And How Does It Function?

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Accounting software is often used to perform the following functions:

  • Allows you to create invoices and keep track of them.
  • Keep a detailed account of every penny that you spend.
  • Find out who hasn’t paid you what you’re owed.
  • Inspect your bank account to ensure that the information within “reconciles” with the information in your accounting software.
  • Prepare your financial statements, as well as your SST returns and other tax returns.

Accounting software is often used by the individuals listed below:

  • Your bookkeeper will input all of your receipts, invoices, and other documents.
  • Your accountant will be in charge of preparing your financial statements.
  • Every aspect of your company’s financial health should be known to you.

What Are The Advantages of Using Accounting Software?

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In order of importance, the following are the top four reasons for using accounting software:

  1. So that you may save time

It is designed for accounting software to automate many of the time-consuming calculations for you, allowing you to save time.

  1. To automate activities that take a long time

Many accounting software solutions can handle duties such as bank reconciliation and SST returns for you, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate on other things.

  1. Financial viability

Maintaining an accurate record of your financial transactions may assist you in managing your money more effectively.

  1. In order to maintain legal status

Financial records and tax payments are needed of any business, regardless of whether it is a single proprietorship or a recognised corporation (LLC). Accounting software is a critical component of being able to do this.

What Is The Source of Your Company’s Problems?

Accounts Receivable (AR) Definition & Example

Documents on paper

In contrast to what a computer can do, totals cannot be computed automatically. Not to forget that iIt takes much longer than when using software. In the case of a fire, it is quite easy to destroy documents.

In general, it is inefficient and ineffective. Accountancy costs will increase as a result of the fact that a bookkeeper and/or accountant will need to look through all of your paper records in order to fulfil their statutory obligations.


Using a spreadsheet, many accounting software procedures, such as bank reconciliation and SST reporting, are impossible to automate completely. Because your accountant will almost certainly need to enter the information into the accounting software they use to perform their duties, it is possible that you may pay extra in accountancy costs as a result of this change.

Nothing is being done to address the situation. Doing nothing is simply not an option since you are required by law to report on your financial transactions!

In What Ways Does Integration Differ From Other Concepts?

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A simple definition of “integration” is the act of connecting your website to your accounting software.

The following are the two most often mentioned integration goals:

  • When consumers make orders on your website, invoices are generated in your accounting software on the backend automatically.

There are a number of advantages.

First of all, you can save time by automating time-consuming tasks such as invoice creation.

Secondly, since integration automates the bulk of the labour, you will save money on bookkeeping and accounting costs.

Improve your knowledge of your financial picture since integration enables you to stay up to date with your invoicing and stock information on a continuous basis rather than just once a month after your bookkeeper has manually generated all of your invoices.

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Why You Need A Custom WordPress Theme

What’s the first thing we notice about a website? It is not the URL or the meta description that catches our attention. It is the catchy headlines, the placement of the headline, the layout and colors and blog post formats. Sometimes we are taken to liking by the revolutionized slider on the page or the animated graphics or the unique branding presented on the website. How do you accomplish a unique look for your website that potentially no other website has? 

Custom Themes!

What Is A Custom WordPress Theme? 

WordPress is the world’s most well-known content management system where people drop, drag and manage new content. It is free to use and once installed and has gazillion resources for everyone. WordPress is powerful and vouched for by major businesses over and over. Once people have WordPress effectively installed they are met with the choice of either using a pre-built theme for their site or installing a Custom WordPress theme. WordPress is home to more than 50,000 themes and they are bound to look repetitive. Even a premium theme may lack the desired unique look of a business or a personal blog site. 

custom wordpress theme

Themes are essential in running a fully functioning website. They bring color to your site, designs, layers and different looks along with features to your site. A normal free theme differs from a custom theme because we are making the theme from scratch based on our business needs, goals and looks. You either hire someone to provide a customized theme or you spend your knowledge in coding to craft your own customized WordPress theme. 

One of the more significant reasons for building a website is to bring a unique splash of colour to your brand. It also involves creating a competitive advantage, improving lead generation and amplifying your branding on digital platforms. A loud amplification is not truly possible without a good customization. I can go on and on about why you need to create your own customized theme but let’s take a look at some of the reasons to build your own custom wordpress theme!

Customized Theme Will Help You Stand Out 

What’s better than a complete one of a kind website to stand out among billions of websites? Competing even in our niche is hard in the digital world. Even the most unheard of niches have their own audiences with a handful of hundreds of websites. With billions of people to read and cater to, it is important to make sure your website is a reflection of your niche, goals and your passions. The generic prebuilt themes may not fit our visualized ideal image, requirements and content in mind. It is also important to note that people tend to leave the website if it is not visually engaging enough. It also won’t be a memorable experience for anyone who stays on the site. 

Improve Site Performance 

The biggest perk of actually building your own website from scratch is the ability to assure quality and performance. A prebuilt theme cannot beat the site speed and the user interface of a customized wordpress theme. The amount of conflicts, issues and lagging you have will be significantly reduced and the customer support you get for customized themes remains long term.  

Amplifies Branding Needs 

Creating a brand centric theme is crucial, especially if you are an all digital business or a platform. Accessing our reader, customers and users through a digital platform means our website is the ideal point of visualization of the business. The branding of the business lies in the designing of the site, the performance and the quality navigation, customer support and content on the site.  From email newsletter subscriptions to the features of live chat bots all make a difference in how customers perceive you. If your branding needs are not fulfilled by a prebuilt theme, it is time you opt for a customized theme. 

Less Dependant On Third Party Plugins 

When we build our own custom theme we are also setting out independence. Our need for 3rd party plugins decreases and hoarding of plugins becomes a fixed issue. Plugins are a vital part of the wordpress web building world. Without plugins you cannot build functionality into your site. So how does a custom built site reduce the need for plugins and still remain effective? When we build a custom site, the functionality is already incorporated. There is no longer any need to install 3rd party plugins that potentially slows down our site and decreases the satisfaction rate among users. 

Highly Secure And Well-protected 

Security should never be compromised when it comes to your website. A website is a huge part of your digital marketing and branding. Any vulnerabilities in the website among the rising number of hackers and cybercriminals are not an idea favored by anyone. So what can we do to improve the security of our WordPress site? Get a custom wordpress theme. A prebuilt website does not offer much security compared to custom wordpress themes. Custom wordpress themes are incorporated with security features to prevent any potential hazardous attacks of the website

Improved SEO and Mobile friendly 

A custom wordpress theme is definitely more SEO friendly compared to a prebuilt theme. Search engine optimization is absolutely vital in the world of websites. Without optimization you cannot improve your traffic, sales and brand awareness. It is key to make your website SEO friendly for all devices. Improved site speed in the custom theme, fewer plugins, improved security, and better compatibility with various devices all improves the relevancy of the website on the search engine. 

It is needless to say that a custom wordpress theme is sure to burn a hole in our wallets. It may be expensive but the benefits outweigh the cost. Customized themes must be done based on our need for such a theme and whether it matters to our business goals. It depends on our budget and how much we are willing to spend on the digital marketing of the brand. However, in the long run if you want your brand to differentiate, remain unique and cater to a wider audience it is important to use a custom WordPress theme.

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6 Benefits Of Hiring A WordPress Developer And A Designer

Building a website has never been easier as a result of the world’s largest web hosting platform, WordPress. 40% of websites are built on wordpress and there is a good reason why many are attracted to wordpress. They are easy to deploy, functional, highly customizable, give you the aesthetics and appeals and are even easier to maintain. 

While WordPress made the process of building a website, the system does not come without its complexities. Many small business owners and even large businesses gamble with the idea of hiring their own wordpress designers. 


Many say it is useless to hire a separate designer when wordpress was designed to be cost effective and made for the least tech savvy people. In hindsight this is true. WordPress was indeed made for those lacking much technical knowledge. It is also made with built in features and plugins to get your site up and running and noticed by the search engine as well as people. So what’s the need for a wordpress designer when we could do it all by ourselves? 

WordPress designers are those with the technical knowledge and language proficiency to build and implement an attractive website that is interactive, engaging and user friendly. They are responsible for designing the layout, playing with the customizations, generating plugins, improving security, upgrading the status of the website based on the metrics and performance  and so many more. Their overall goals are to meet the business objectives for the website and build a fully functioning one that amplifies the satisfaction. 

They Can Customize Your Website 

Customization is tricky when it comes to doing it on your own. You need some knowledge of coding languages to be able to modify or mold an existing theme or even make one from scratch. Many wordpress designers tend to build their own designs of the sites, with modified fonts, colour palettes, stylistic details. They either use the WordPress site itself for modification or use an editing tool such as Photoshop to build their own theme for customizations. Once the edit is done, advanced designers with their knowledge in wordpress development can also build this into the actual HTML site. 

They Can Build Your Brand 

A wordpress designer is a crucial part of building the overall look and image of your site. And the visual appeal of your website is directly tied to the image of your brand since the website layout is what people see and perceive. The ease of layout, the user centricity and the friendly navigation all points to enhancing user experience which plays a major role in the branding of the business.

A wordpress designer can camplify the image of your brand by elevating the design of your website. They understand the complexities of user experience and psychology of design that makes users attracted to you and improve their overall satisfaction. 

They Can Combat Security Vulnerabilities

A newbie to the word of wordpress design hardly knows much about building in security and combating attacks when building their website. This pandemic has led to an increased number of cyber attacks on the web and statistics suggest that there is an attack in about every 39 seconds. Your website must be protected from all sorts of attacks on the web. Maximum security is something a web designer and developer can help provide. 

They Can Create A Competitive Advantage 

Who knows your competitors better than someone who did their website or did similar websites in the industry and niche you are in? Web designers know the importance of creating a competitive edge with the help of a website. They also know how to improve the rankings of your website compared to the competitor’s website. They also have a thorough understanding of who your customers are and what they expect from you on your website. A good wordpress web designer will use his or her prowess and knowledge to create a website that is highly customized, fast, readable and much more responsive compared to your competitors website. 

They Are Cost Effective 

WordPress designers can be a lot more expensive than having to build the website yourself. But can you put a price and replacement on years of experience, the ability to customize, increase site traffic, create efficient branding, improve user centricity and build a sleek website? Probably not. While we can create our own, it is likely to end up looking like every other website made using wordpress. It can come across as dull and repetitive to your readers and users.

Web designers are also much more cost effective than hiring your own team of developers and designers. You do not need to pay an extra salary or build office space for new employees. Many wordpress web designers work remotely and have varying charges and fees depending on your needs. They have custom packages that can fulfill your needs and can give you an array of opportunities to explore. 

They Can Improve The Site Traffic 

The first and foremost reason to create a website is to build a face to your business. This face is responsible for bringing in customers and amplifying the customer journey. They open up new experiences and informational outlets for customers and readers. As web designers, their aim is to elevate the face of the website to increase its visibility on the search engine. Ofcourse, by implementing SEO practises. Web designers have well seasoned experience with the way design and SEO works. They know which plugins work the best and how to resolve any conflict with the plugins as well. They know what will improve the site speed 

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The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Website Development And Design

The website’s an essential part of the business. Especially if you are going digital. When you’re gone digital, your website does the job of being the front of your business. They navigate your customers, give them feedback, provide customer service, roll up their shopping cart, give them all the information, put them on the subscriber’s list and so many more. Your website does not take a holiday. They are built to be your well-equipped partner and representation, even when you are taking the vacation of your life.

Think of your website as a real-life shop that you are opening up (the location is digital of course!). Who is building your shop? Are you equipped with the knowledge and elements to build it from scratch? Do you have an eye for intricate details of professional website development and design? Do you have the resources to hire a team of your own for the development?  Have you decided how the interior will look like? If so, does your dream interior seem easy to manage by yourself? Do you have a way to mitigate any vulnerabilities and attacks from outside? 

Sounds overwhelming right? However, today’s digital world made website building a lot easier than it used to be. There are hundreds of resources and tools available for us, automating the process of building and designing our own website. They provide web hosting, plugins, elements, design, and even security. While this may stand to be true, designing your own website is still not as simple as the world makes it sound. Are you enriched with the knowledge of web design?  The essential information architecture? How to fight the slow speed? Mitigare cyber attacks? Improve security? These are all the questions you must ask yourself before choosing to design your website. 

So should you design your own website or let the experienced web designer take the reign on this one? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of outsourcing web development and design. 

Opens Your Eyes To New Ideas

When you outsource your web design and development, you are not only gaining the advantage of years of experience in the specific niche. You are also getting insights and perspectives from a professional who has most probably worked with hundreds of businesses like yours. They know the best way to beat your competitors. They know unique ways to present yourself to the market. 

It is untenable that you and your team have the best ideas for your business. No one understands your business the way you do. But professional developers and designers have been long working with businesses like you and they have invaluable information to rely on. 

Make Your Website With A User-Centric Mind 

What’s one of the most important things in a website? It is the value it has for your customer. A lot of the time businesses forget that the online platform they are creating is not for themselves. It is for your customers. The whole purpose of building a website is to efficiently create value for your customers and improve their purchasing journey. So a project such as a development of a website should be baked on exploring solutions for your customers, improving user engagement, driving people towards you, and encouraging the relationship between the brand and the customer. 

The elements of user-centric design in web design and development are in the hands of the professional development team rather than a novice business owner. Internet will not have a completely free guide on how to make the user-centric design. The time and effort of building something efficient for your customers can be saved at the hand of outpouring the web designing project. 

Saving Up On Your Costs 

Contrary to a very common misperception, building and designing your website is not going to be cheap. Having your own team of developers does not make the process go any affordable, You have to pay for your office space, hiring and training employees, paying for the suitable technology and so many other additional operating expenses. Outsourcing your web development and design can cost around anything from $3000 and above. (depending on the expertise of the outsourced professional). Hiring your own team and paying them to develop and design a website might as well cost the same and even more considering their salaries and ongoing costs you would have to pay other than for the technology.  

Impeccable Security For Your Website 

Having a business also means you should be ready for any attacks you may bear. When we open up a website, that is one more point of attack that you must protect at all costs. The greatest benefit of perhaps outsourcing your website development and design is that a professional can protect you from any vulnerabilities, hackers, and viruses. Security is not an element any business should skimp especially in the face of turning your big dreams into realities. You can check out this article about pentest Malaysia if you are particularly starting up your business in Malaysia.

An Array Of Talents To Build Your Site 

When we choose to outsource, we are not limited to one person. There are stat up developing companies, there are big companies who specialize in the art of web development, there are freelancers who work day and night to brand companies, your options are endless. Each and every one of them has its own niche and specialty when it comes to development and design. You are exposed to so many varieties of professionals to fish through before making your ultimate choice. It is much more time-consuming to get yourself a team of web developers and it is much more difficult to hire someone of the talent that you are seeking. 

Supports Your Business Goals And Objectives 

A professional team does not support you only in the technology and services they provide. A good team of developers and designers has years of experience to combine their experience with technology to meet your business goals, value, and cores. You are able to be much mor innovative with outside expertise than you are with your own thoughts. Outsourcing your web development project and designing is also like a burden being lifted off of your shoulder. You are able to support the aspects and functions of business that you have experience with and you can immediately work on. Focusing all your energy on one core aspect of the business can be destructive to the ongoing development of your business and the website as well. 

Your website is more than just an aspect of your overall digital marketing campaign. It is a core tool that promotes growth, expands your business, and opens you up to so many new opportunities. It is important that your website covers all the important elements of a good website. Perfectly valuable to your customer and profitable to you!

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Will WordPress Keep Pressing On?

Hello all. 

There’s been a question on my mind as of late, and its to do with the state of WordPress in the future. With the trend of newer platforms like Wix and Squarespace, it may feel like WordPress is lagging behind.

But as it turns out, WordPress still remains a popular platforms to build websites on. Granted if you were to also pay. Many feel like going for free products is enough, unless you are building illicit sites, having a good website is never free of charge.  

It should also be down to WordPress to see how much they are willing to listen to their users when it comes to bug fixes and security fixes on their site because being popular platforms has its flaws, hackers see a big target whenever they look at WordPress, and as such WordPress needs to really bump up their security for the sake of themselves and their users.  You also might want to know Why We Are A Huge Fan of WordPress.

We’re Back! Update and What’s Been Going On

Hello everyone, I guess some of you may have been wondering where we’ve been, and what we’ve been up to as of late. To put it short, we have been making sure that my theme is compatible with all the new WordPress. Updates that have come out and all the new plugins that come out too.  Needless to say, it is quite a task. But now we are here ready to come back and provide updates and support for the theme. 

But now we have released version v2.0 for those who want a new and improved theme. After listening in on your feedback and making the necessary adjustments, we hope to see that you will enjoy the latest update with our theme.

Our theme began its days as a simple project to expand and explore our skills in web development and design. And we are truly happy that many have downloaded and used our themes, it lets us know that we are at least doing something right. Over the years, we have continued to boost our expertise in ensuring that the theme works as intended, with new updates and systems coming in, we had to be on our toes so that our theme won’t be the ones causing your websites to stop working entirely. 

We were also working hard to ensure that our themes are only distributed from us, the creators. We have noticed that as our theme got a bit more popular, other less legitimate sites became sources to provide our theme, but instead of our lovely theme, users got spyware and malware

This was bad for both the users and ourselves. Firstly, the users will get downloads that harm their computers, secondly, our rep as a theme designer also gets tarnished too. So it is very important for us and for you to ensure that you obtain our theme from us and not other third-party sites.

We are also drafting up plans to make other variants of the theme which include, but not limited to, a dark theme, a minimalist theme, and a royal theme. But these are still being placed on the drafting table, so it may be a while till we formulate and develop a new theme style entirely. But if there are any suggestions on the behalf of our users, our ears are open and we can perhaps try to begin work on a theme that you want. 

We are aware that design taste may change over time so we are constantly trying to find ways to keep within the trends and keep our theme in the bubble of themes people can use on WordPress.

But in the meantime, enjoy version 2.0, we will be making quick patches for any issues that have been found, so please do be sure to report them to us, and we will get started on rectifying those fixes.

We Are Back!

We’re Back! Update and What’s Been Going On.

Hello everyone, I guess some of you may have been wondering where we’ve been, and what we’ve been up to as of late. To put it short, we have been making sure that my theme is compatible with all the new WordPress Updates that have come out and all the new plugins that come out too.  Needless to say, it is quite a task. But now we are here ready to come back and provide updates and support for the theme. 

But now we have released version v2.0 for those who want a new and improved theme. After listening in on your feedback and making the necessary adjustments, we hope to see that you will enjoy the latest update with our theme.

Our theme began its days as a simple project to expand and explore our skills in web development and design. And we are truly happy that many have downloaded and used our themes, it lets us know that we are at least doing something right. Over the years, we have continued to boost our expertise in ensuring that the theme works as intended, with new updates and systems coming in, we had to be on our toes so that our theme won’t be the ones causing your websites to stop working entirely. 

We were also working hard to ensure that our themes are only distributed from us, the creators. We have noticed that as our theme got a bit more popular, other less legitimate sites became sources to provide our theme, but instead of our lovely theme, users got spyware and malware. 

This was bad for both the users and ourselves. Firstly, the users will get downloads that harm their computers, secondly, our rep as a theme designer also gets tarnished too. So it is very important for us and for you to ensure that you obtain our theme from us, and not other third-party sites.

We are also drafting up plans to make other variants of the theme which include, but not limited to, a dark theme, a minimalist theme and royal theme. But these are still being placed on the drafting table, so it may be a while till we formulate and develop a new theme style entirely. But if there are any suggestions on the behalf of our users, our ears are open and we can perhaps try to begin work on a theme that you want. 

We are aware that design taste may change over time so we are constantly trying to find ways to keep within the trends and keep our theme in the bubble of themes people can use on WordPress. We don’t want to have a theme that makes 

But in the meantime, enjoy version 2.0, we will be making quick patches for any issues that have been found, so please do be sure to report them to us, and we will get started on rectifying those fixes.