Elements Of An Effective Personal Blog

Having your own platform can be a very powerful thing. Especially in a time where there are millions of listeners. A personal blog gives individuals the perfect opportunity to access a world of readers who are waiting for a chance to be educated, entertained and loved. 

But using your platform and voice has never been easy. Platforms like WordPress and social media made it easier for us to navigate the world of blogging but we are far from being masters of it. Some of us are eager to share our world of hobbies with people. Some of us want to create a place that encourages others to study. Some just want to share their love for dogs and cats. Others want to teach how to groom them. More and more people want to share their travel stories online. And even more wants to listen to all of these. There are over billions of personal blogs and each have something unique to offer their readers. People who successfully monetized their personal blogs have come a very long journey and people who just started are in for a very overwhelming process of the internet world. 

In the frenzy of internet start ups and strategies, people also have been speculating that Personal blogs are not as significant as they used to be with. With videos and high quality images making a change across the world, written content does not seem as “dazzling”. However this is far from the truth. Many marketers agree that blogging and content writing is one of the most effective forms of marketing in the digital world. The significance of blogs will always stay the same or will only go higher as we unravel our interests, hobbies and experiences. 

personal blog

So how do we embark on the journey of creating the perfect personal blog on WordPress? Many face the issue of not even showing up on the search engine and without showing up, we have no reach or visibility. An effective personal blog is not only about the content you write. While WordPress has made it easier for us to create a personal blog, there are some crucial elements that make the blog a functional one. 

Touch Of Personalization 

A personal blog is not about being monotonous and completely educational. A personal blog brings a touch of your own personality to the blog. Whether it is in the form of storytelling, or in an enticing introduction, this is necessary to let people visualize your blog post. They would like to see that this is written by a real human who has experienced, loved, and cared for it all. When we see a blog that is faceless, it is normally a business or an ecommerce platform. 

Beautiful Theme 

WordPress has blessed us with over thousands of themes to choose from. They are available to us for free and at a premium price. No matter what theme we choose, we must make sure it aligns with the tone of your blog post. Is your blog about something bold, controversial and serious? Or is your blog post about something light, funny and educational? Depending on your need for the blog post your theme also must change. Your theme also makes a  great difference on how many people are attracted to you and how much time they spend navigating on your website. The more people visit you, the more you are relevant on the search engine. And the more relevant you are, the more readers you have!

Engaging Content 

Content is key, and especially on a blog post. People come to your blog for the type of content you curate. Is it useful to readers? Does it answer their questions? Is it exciting to read? Does it keep the readers in a trance? Or is it too repetitive and monotonous? Many make the mistake of repeating the same blog headings and using the same content over and over again. A unique blog post is important even if your niche or topic is the same. The way you write and engage with readers is your medium of communication. 

Content should not only be enginging, but it also should be long enough. Many marketers recommend that an appropriate amount for a blog post is 1500 words. But of course, you don’t always need thousands of words. If you are a well known individual or an influencer with a following, your content doesn’t necessarily have to be long to get you noticed on the search engine. 

Search Engine Optimization 

When creating content, it is not only important to think about creating quality content. But it is also important that you implement SEO practises and guidelines. Improving your subheading distribution, optimizing length of the content, improving site speed, adding internal and external links, and improving your meta description is all important to the world of Search  engines. It is also important to research the keywords relevant to your niche before writing your blog. Including 5-6 keywords with one keyphrase to improve your blog’s relevancy to search queries will also greatly improve your site rankings. 

Link To Your Social Media 

Your social media is equally important as your content. You can drive traffic to your website from social media to your website. And you can drive people to your social media from your website as well. People like to place a face and images to the content they are reading. They like to share what they read and they like to support people on social media. If your blog post does not have a tweetable button or an instagram button, it is time to add social plugins that will improve your blog post website. 

Descriptive URLs 

URLs are important. This is how search engines locate you and this is something both you and your search engine can read. Keywords in the URL is a differentiating factor in the site rankings. It improves your site’s visibility on the search engine. Remember to keep your URL descriptive, short and enticing! 

These are some of the many elements that make our personal blog stand out from the rest. These tips can go a long way in building our online audience and engaging with them. It is important to keep your readers posted weekly and engage them with quality content!