how to buy your first car

How Car Seller Company Should Create Their Website

Since the world has been shaken by the existence of the contagious disease, Covid-19, almost every business worldwide had to change to the new norm of business. The new norm that we are going to talk about here is definitely how everything is being done online. Indeed, there are so many industries that have been involved with this new norm of business, such as school, high institutions, food and beverages, retail business, manufacturing and also the automotive industries.

When it comes to something big such as automotive business and industries, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t imagine yourself choosing and surveying cars online, no? It might be different from choosing something else, but surely you will need a better situation in making decisions. “How to buy your first car” probably would be the biggest question in your head now if you were to ask to buy them online. 

New Cars vs Used Cars

how to buy your first car

Speaking of websites that exist in selling used cars, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as there are tons of them that can be found online nowadays. In fact, as years pass by, there will always be new websites for that, so yeah there is not much to be worried about if you are planning to survey cars online. Apparently we have a lot of used cars website which are:

  • Carsome

However, have you ever thought of how many official websites for both new cars and used cars that are designed with really complete and simple features for users to make a choice? This is the crucial part that should be considered by all car brands, especially since the online website of a business would eventually play an important role. This is to ensure that clients or customers feel like they can choose and survey the car in person.

We have talked about how we could easily find a lot of websites over the internet for used cars, now it’s time for us to see the best ranked websites for big brand cars in Malaysia. Which includes:


Web Designing In Car Business

how to buy your first car

However, the things that we are going to talk about here is how car sellers or automotive brands companies should be more concerned with the website. By all means, we could see how crucial it is for a car business to have a great and high quality business website. 

It is beyond doubt that the website itself will play an important role as people nowadays would prefer to do everything online that includes surveying cars. Hence why, complete information must be provided in the website to help them in deciding a good choice. 

How To Know If Your Website Is The Good One or Not?

how to buy your first car

Generally, if you have a business that will be fully dependent on the website, it is crucial for you to actually be more concerned and alert of it. An excellence of web designing would be a must thing to do to ensure it is in line with the technology and gadget invention nowadays that make it 100% easier to do everything online. 

As we are talking about how car seller companies should build up their websites, here are several elements that you need to check and make sure it is complete. Which includes:

  • Well functioning.
  • Simple and informative.
  • Easy to be used.
  • Accessible to all gadgets.
  • New and updated contents.
  • Contacts are reachable.
  • Keywords and search words are matches.

Things That Are Needed In A Car Selling Website 

I bet we all know how limited the surveying and choosing cars to buy will be without going to the showroom itself, right? This is where we are going to 100% depend on the website, so here are the crucial things that should be included.

  • The stocks 

All users or clients would eventually know nothing unless what is shown only. Hence why car seller companies should be more alert to update the latest car stocks of any car models that we have. It doesn’t matter what any car brands do, including your total stocks. For example, Toyota, make sure to always state and put the available stocks for each car model.

  • The outlets

This would be one of the crucial things, the outlets. Other than updating the available stocks, the reachable outlets are also important to ease the customer’s journey in picking up their cars. Do bear in mind that customers will only depend on the information that is provided, so be more alert with it. Including the outlets is absolutely something good as customers will be more clear on where to go instead of letting them search for the available outlet themselves.

  • The available colours

We do acknowledge that not every car model will have the same colours as the other model. In fact, sometimes there are production limitations on certain colours. This is where car seller companies should play their role to ensure no customers will be confused with this issue. 

  • The payment method

Since we already have so many types of payment methods, it is best to actually give clear instructions on the website. This is because different car brands would probably have different payment methods, for example, between Toyota and Perodua. This is why all car seller websites should have provided clear instructions on that as we will never know who the customers are.

  • The monthly installment 

Closely related to the payment method, there is also another one important thing that car seller companies should add on which is the monthly installment. In the name of marketing, have you noticed how car seller companies rarely gave deets on the monthly installment  for each car? This is surely something that wouldn’t be recommended as customers need a clear planning on that. The correct way for a car seller company to do is to simply state, for example with Toyota, just state what is the Toyota Yaris monthly installment, Toyota Harrier monthly installment etc. Same thing should go to the other car brands too.