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How Mothers Can Earn Income Using WordPress?

What is WordPress and how is it useful?

WordPress originated in 2003 as free blogging software developed by Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg, who now operate, the business that makes WordPress open to anybody who wants to create a website or blog. WordPress’s developers wanted to “democratize publishing” by creating a site construction tool that would allow anybody to have a voice and presence online by producing it and keeping it forever free.

products for babies Malaysia

WordPress is a platform that is commonly used by bloggers from personal bloggers to large companies to manage their blogs. Even if you are a mother of 2 kids, you will be able to make money using WordPress. The WordPress platform is adaptable, scalable, and most importantly WordPress will always be available for free. WordPress provides a number of customisation options to help you enhance the operation of your site. To add functionality, you may select from a variety of plugins such as Yoast SEO and widgets. This site builder is compact with useful features and content management system (cms) that aims to give ability and capability for everyone to make wonderful online presence in a minute.

If you are a mother who is just beginning your journey in the blogging world or trying to learn new things to improvise your website appearance, you can follow these steps that I am going to provide. It can be helpful for you and your website or blog.

Step 1: Choose A Domain Name For Your Website

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What is a domain name? Your domain name is the name that people will search on the internet in order to get access to your website or blog. Picking a name for your website can be very exciting and overwhelming at the same time because you want your website name easily remembered and increase your presence on the search engine.

Make sure your domain name for your website represents your company or the product that you are selling because it helps to attract people to click on your website link. For example, if you are selling products for babies in Malaysia, you can pick a domain name like “” instead of “”. It appears to be better if you use the because first, it is somehow a catchy name and second because from the domain people can tell that you are selling products for babies.

Step 2: Purchase A Package For Web Hosting

After you have registered your domain name, you will need to set up an account for your hosting plan. Fill out each section with your personal information, then read down to the package selections (Basic, Plus, or Business Pro) and select an option that suits your budget and service demands. If you are a start up business or beginner personal blogger, make sure you have done some research to ensure the functionality of the hosting account. Read the terms of service, cancellation policy, and privacy notices, then check the box to indicate that you agree with the policies.

Step 3: Install WordPress And Choose A Theme!

products for babies Malaysia

WordPress may be installed in a variety of ways. Most web hosting services will offer a simple one-click installation method that streamlines the entire process. Once it is installed, you are good to go and the first thing you should do is to choose a theme for your website. A WordPress theme is a pre-designed and pre-coded WordPress interface template. Essentially, it saves you the time (and money) of designing your own website from the start or paying someone else to do it for you.

WordPress will give you their latest theme but that is usually just a basic theme and you will need to change it to the most suitable theme for your website. But you should keep in mind that not every theme works the same way. Others use a website builder or graphic editor, while others use a basic text editor which appears similar to the blank page in Microsoft Word. Make sure you are firm with which theme you would want to use because it will be a hassle if you want to change the theme.

Step 4: Learn Your WordPress Dashboard

products for babies Malaysia

WordPress can be the important things that you should take care of. This is the place where you can control what people see on your homepage. You should learn how to really control it because it helps you to run your website smoothly. At the dashboard you can see that there are two places that you can use to post your postings which is the post and page ‘pages’.

There are different options to apply to each, but the basic area in which you work remains the same, making it a simple workplace to get accustomed to. You can create your own blocks and menu by yourselves, so it will be easier for you to navigate the editor’s page according to your comfort. Once you have customised your own site, you can start exploring the tools and features provided. It surely will give you a lot of benefits in the future.

It is never too late to learn and improve yourself with this kind of knowledge because this can be considered as your time investment. You take your time to learn and you can sell your service to other people who don’t have ample time to learn and explore WordPress.

products for babies Malaysia