Why You Need To Learn WordPress

People talk a lot about WordPress. And why do you need to learn in today’s climate? 

But are you still confused about WordPress means? You hear the word, but could not wrap your head around its meaning. You get that it is a platform to create websites? But really, it cannot be that easy right?

If you find yourself wondering why you should ever bother with this website builder, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will do a deep dive into wordPress and why you need to be the first in line to master it. 

What’s WordPress? 

WordPress is your basic website builder. You choose a theme, you create the layout, you put your logo, you put the content, you optimize it, and you show it to the whole world. Up until a few years ago, building websites was not made accessible or easy. Softwares and platforms like wordpress paved a way for small business owners, writers and freelancers to make their way into the world of websites at an affordable price. 


WordPress is also an open source content management software that is free for everyone on the planet. There is no discrimination on how it is accesible. As long as you have a device and a good connection, you have access to all the services of wordpress. 

WordPress does not only build the framework of your website. They give you the space to explore, and make it into any sort of website that you wish to. Do you want to have your own food blog? Or do you want to have a strict portfolio website? Maybe build a no brainer e-commerce site? Well, wordPress if probably the easiest way into making the website of your dreams. 

Did you also know that some of your very beloved websites are built on wordpress? Ofcourse, they have included some very premium elements to make it look posh and sophisticated but websites like Sony Music website, the official star wars blog, and even snoop dogg uses wordpress. Love him or hate him, his website is flying as high as him. There is also more! Microsoft and Ted Blog, Skype and even Playstation website was built using wordpress? 

The usage of wordpress is not limited to just for those with a small budget. Everyone uses it. Infact 40% of the websites on the internet use it. But there is more than accessibility for your noble reasons to pursue wordpress. So let’s dive into some of these reasons! 

Opens The Door To Opportunities 

In a world of competition and limited opportunities, making opportunities has become the norm. Perhaps our biggest opportunity lies in the digital world. There are millions of businesses out there looking for professional web developers who also specialize in wordpress sites. Sites built with wordpress tend to hold about billions of monthly views and this is eye opening statistics for businesses who are looking to expand their businesses. Most people don’t have the time or the skills to build a website from scratch. But if you have the necessary knowledge, skills and creativity, you are opening up yourself to a world full of endless economic opportunities. 

Unlimited Learning Resources 

Learning wordpress is not as difficult as one may perceive. It will take hard work and persistence to master it but the road has been made easier for many with the help of millions of resources available on the internet. Today we have e-books, hardbooks, tutorials, certified courses, tutorials, guides, youtube videos as our gurus and so many more.It is also a common misperception  that we need to learn programming languages how to actually use wordpress. You may not need much knowledge of programming language in the initial stages of your wordpress journey. All you need to know is how google works and practise the functions of wordpress. The more we practise, the more we learn. You can also take it at your own steady space with various levels of courses and videos that are available for you on the internet. 

Teaches Valuable Skills 

You cannot put a figure on the skills you obtain while pursuing the journey of WordPress development. A number of invaluable skills are taught and learned. Some of these skills include communication, analytical, teamwork, digital, problem-saving, and the list goes on! As wordpress developers or designers, you need to be in constant touch with people surrounding you. Your client, your organization, and other developers. You need their insights and guidelines to move forward.  While learning WordPress you learn to craft the art of communication and solve every obstacle along your way. Teaching yourself or using an online, both give you the skill of learning how to solve difficult problems. You never know when you might run into a conflict with the plugins or a security issue that needs to be fixed. Also, it certainly helps you and your career to extremely polish up your digital skills. These digital skills you acquire are highly in demand by companies and puts you in the perfect spotlight.

Appealing Candidate 

Speaking of being highly demanded, we know what comes next when you acquire the knowledge of a complex software. You become an indispensable resource to a company. You are an appealing candidate. Many are looking for hires that possess unique skills such as photoshop skills, video editing skills, content management software skills, wordpress skills and so on. Learning wordpress not only gives you opportunities as a freelancer, but it makes you stand out as a job candidate. 

Control Your Own Site 

Maybe the day comes when you want to run your own website. Whether it is a blog, a business site, a portfolio, an e-commerce platform, a forum, you name it. When the time comes, you are able to use your own skills and knowledge to create a website of your own. You do not need to pay someone else to make you your dream website, but rather you are in control. But of course, never underestimate the power of fresh new insights from other developers and designers in your journey. It is invaluable in your learning process.