Will WordPress Keep Pressing On?

Hello all. 

There’s been a question on my mind as of late, and its to do with the state of WordPress in the future. With the trend of newer platforms like Wix and Squarespace, it may feel like WordPress is lagging behind.

But as it turns out, WordPress still remains a popular platforms to build websites on. Granted if you were to also pay. Many feel like going for free products is enough, unless you are building illicit sites, having a good website is never free of charge.  

It should also be down to WordPress to see how much they are willing to listen to their users when it comes to bug fixes and security fixes on their site because being popular platforms has its flaws, hackers see a big target whenever they look at WordPress, and as such WordPress needs to really bump up their security for the sake of themselves and their users.  You also might want to know Why We Are A Huge Fan of WordPress.