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Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Own Blog Business

And now that you’ve finished setting up and arranging your nft project calendar, you’re considering launching a blog business? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right article!

Blogs are being started by businesses of all shapes and types to attract and retain customers.

However, there is also a trend in the opposite direction, with more and more bloggers branching out into business. As well it should, of course.

Getting people to buy their products is a major obstacle for new businesses. However, new bloggers generally do things in reverse order, first focusing on growing their audience through constant publication of high-quality content before considering how to monetise their site’s visitors.

If you’re looking for a simple side business, starting a blog is a great option. But if you want to make money as a blogger in the future, you need to be strategic about how you structure your site.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a type of website in which you provide regular updates on a certain topic. Blogs, in contrast to other forms of media such as magazines and newspapers, often adopt an intimate tone that allows them to form deeper connections with their readers.

Blogs are started for many different purposes, including:

  • To share their thoughts, interests, and snippets of their lives. To teach others what they know.
  • To add names to an email list
  • To build a name for themselves as an expert
  • To get paid online
  • Any or all of the above together

Because of these things, blogging can be very enjoyable, especially when strangers start reading your posts, but it’s also a lot of work.

Whether you post once a day, once a week, or once a month, it’s important to be as consistent as possible, both in how often you post and what you post.

Rarely do bloggers see results right away. If you want to keep going in the beginning, remind yourself why you’re doing it.

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How To Start A Blog?

Finding the time and ideas you need to blog regularly is the hardest thing about it. Getting started, on the other hand, is pretty easy.

1. Figure Out How To Make Money From Your Blog

Depending on what kind of blog you start, there are many ways to make money from it. For example, combining a low-investment business with a blog is a good way to grow without spending much money or time. But for some reason, a lot of people think that Google AdSense is the only way to start making money.

Even though ads can be a good way to make money from a blog, you need a lot of traffic to them before they can be profitable. There are, thankfully, a lot of other ways for a new blogger to make money faster than by getting a huge audience.

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2. Decide What Your Blog Will Be About: What Will Your “thing” Be?

There is a lot of information on the web. It may seem hard to stand out, but there are two ways to do so: choose a specific niche to focus on and make content that readers can’t easily find elsewhere.

It’s important to pick a niche that’s only a little bit wide but a lot deep. This will help you keep coming up with content without running out of ideas, and it will also affect what you call your blog.

You’ll also need to make sure that the niche you choose attracts an audience that fits with how you plan to make money. What kinds of goods or services would this group want to buy?

Think about what products or services this group of people would want to buy. It’s a very important question to ask when choosing a niche for your blog, whether you plan to make money with display ads or one of the other ways.

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3. Choose A Platform And Template For Your Blog

You need to set up your blog hosting and content management system before you write your first blog post. This is where many people who want to start blogging get stuck when they don’t know which platform they should spend their time and money on.

  • Self-hosted: Most of the time, these platforms give you more ways to customise your site, but you still have to pay a monthly fee to host it yourself and set it up at first. If you want to host your own site, WordPress is the best open-source platform to use.
  • Hosted: With a hosted site, you can set up your blog more quickly. Shopify, for example, has plans that all come with hosting. But unlike Shopify, hosted sites like Blogger or Wix limit how much you can change them.

Free hosting accounts like Pinterest and Tumblr are attractive to some bloggers because they provide instant access to an engaged audience.

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4. Pick A Website Name And Blog Address

When looking for a domain name, it’s a good idea to give some thought to the name you ultimately choose for your website. My advice is to avoid using your own name as a custom domain unless you’re creating a personal blog or portfolio site. 

Even if your name isn’t in the URL, you may still serve as the blog’s public face by choosing a catchy name that symbolises your mission.

Choosing a name for your blog might be time-consuming, but a strong brand name will leave a lasting impression on your audience and set expectations for your business.

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5. Plan Your Strategy

To organise your content schedule, you can use a basic spreadsheet. On the other hand, there are significantly more powerful options out there. Tools like Trello, Airtable, and Asana are highly recommended because of how naturally they make content organisation.

As you continue to add fantastic new content to your blog, it’s a good idea to give some thought to the variety of that content in order to get a feel for its scale and to consider how you may arrange it using categories and tags.

Don’t expect your following to skyrocket overnight. There will be successes and failures along the way, but you must persevere if you want to develop.


Blogs are not only fun and rewarding, but they can also be a way to start your own business. If you start your blog like a business owner and set high goals for growth, you can build a valuable audience that will help your business for a long time.

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How Car Seller Company Should Create Their Website

Since the world has been shaken by the existence of the contagious disease, Covid-19, almost every business worldwide had to change to the new norm of business. The new norm that we are going to talk about here is definitely how everything is being done online. Indeed, there are so many industries that have been involved with this new norm of business, such as school, high institutions, food and beverages, retail business, manufacturing and also the automotive industries.

When it comes to something big such as automotive business and industries, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t imagine yourself choosing and surveying cars online, no? It might be different from choosing something else, but surely you will need a better situation in making decisions. “How to buy your first car” probably would be the biggest question in your head now if you were to ask to buy them online. 

New Cars vs Used Cars

how to buy your first car

Speaking of websites that exist in selling used cars, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as there are tons of them that can be found online nowadays. In fact, as years pass by, there will always be new websites for that, so yeah there is not much to be worried about if you are planning to survey cars online. Apparently we have a lot of used cars website which are:

  • Carsome

However, have you ever thought of how many official websites for both new cars and used cars that are designed with really complete and simple features for users to make a choice? This is the crucial part that should be considered by all car brands, especially since the online website of a business would eventually play an important role. This is to ensure that clients or customers feel like they can choose and survey the car in person.

We have talked about how we could easily find a lot of websites over the internet for used cars, now it’s time for us to see the best ranked websites for big brand cars in Malaysia. Which includes:


Web Designing In Car Business

how to buy your first car

However, the things that we are going to talk about here is how car sellers or automotive brands companies should be more concerned with the website. By all means, we could see how crucial it is for a car business to have a great and high quality business website. 

It is beyond doubt that the website itself will play an important role as people nowadays would prefer to do everything online that includes surveying cars. Hence why, complete information must be provided in the website to help them in deciding a good choice. 

How To Know If Your Website Is The Good One or Not?

how to buy your first car

Generally, if you have a business that will be fully dependent on the website, it is crucial for you to actually be more concerned and alert of it. An excellence of web designing would be a must thing to do to ensure it is in line with the technology and gadget invention nowadays that make it 100% easier to do everything online. 

As we are talking about how car seller companies should build up their websites, here are several elements that you need to check and make sure it is complete. Which includes:

  • Well functioning.
  • Simple and informative.
  • Easy to be used.
  • Accessible to all gadgets.
  • New and updated contents.
  • Contacts are reachable.
  • Keywords and search words are matches.

Things That Are Needed In A Car Selling Website 

I bet we all know how limited the surveying and choosing cars to buy will be without going to the showroom itself, right? This is where we are going to 100% depend on the website, so here are the crucial things that should be included.

  • The stocks 

All users or clients would eventually know nothing unless what is shown only. Hence why car seller companies should be more alert to update the latest car stocks of any car models that we have. It doesn’t matter what any car brands do, including your total stocks. For example, Toyota, make sure to always state and put the available stocks for each car model.

  • The outlets

This would be one of the crucial things, the outlets. Other than updating the available stocks, the reachable outlets are also important to ease the customer’s journey in picking up their cars. Do bear in mind that customers will only depend on the information that is provided, so be more alert with it. Including the outlets is absolutely something good as customers will be more clear on where to go instead of letting them search for the available outlet themselves.

  • The available colours

We do acknowledge that not every car model will have the same colours as the other model. In fact, sometimes there are production limitations on certain colours. This is where car seller companies should play their role to ensure no customers will be confused with this issue. 

  • The payment method

Since we already have so many types of payment methods, it is best to actually give clear instructions on the website. This is because different car brands would probably have different payment methods, for example, between Toyota and Perodua. This is why all car seller websites should have provided clear instructions on that as we will never know who the customers are.

  • The monthly installment 

Closely related to the payment method, there is also another one important thing that car seller companies should add on which is the monthly installment. In the name of marketing, have you noticed how car seller companies rarely gave deets on the monthly installment  for each car? This is surely something that wouldn’t be recommended as customers need a clear planning on that. The correct way for a car seller company to do is to simply state, for example with Toyota, just state what is the Toyota Yaris monthly installment, Toyota Harrier monthly installment etc. Same thing should go to the other car brands too.

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Do You Need WordPress SEO Plugins?

WordPress is heard and used by everyone. This is one of the most popular and efficient web building platforms available for everyone. There are so many benefits to actually using WordPress to host your website. This is where we build our dreams, customize and personalize it for our users. WordPress made it key to cater to our website needs whether it is a blogging site, an e-commerce platform, a forum, or even a portfolio.

If WordPress is good enough for big names like Playstation and BBC, it is more than good enough for our tiny website. Other than being completely free, and alluring WordPress made it easy and accessible for beginners using a very special feature. Plugins!

What Are Plugins?

Plugins add the essential to websites. They add features and functions and have our website up and running. Plugins are used to make the changes in your website to make it full-fledged and useful to your business and customers. It is what’s used to connect your Instagram to your website. It is also what is used to build in a shopping cart, improve site speed, make forms, add email subscription services and so many more.

seo plugins

Plugins have so many benefits to the user. Building a website can be overwhelming and intimidating but SEO plugins make this journey hundred times easier and more functional. Plugins in the technical world is a software or a piece of code that allows us to add on features to our WordPress site. We don’t need a developer to come in to build that function into our site. Plugins step up for us and save the big bucks, time and performance. Plugins are also essential in the SEO world. It makes your website relevant to the search engine and improves your rankings.

WordPress has thousands of plugins that are free to use. Some of them we may have to pay but many are at our disposal within our budget. They can be implemented at any point of our journey but there are few things to keep in mind to keep our plugins running on the WordPress site. And there are few tips to remember when choosing our Plugins.

Plugins must be chosen based on its vitality, virality, reviews and quality. The question of quality over quantity is never up for debate but when it comes to plugins more is good. Unless you are hoarding your website with plugins, you can easily get away with any complicated plugin conflicts. It is also important to note that some plugins are simply much more important than others. SEO plugins and security plugins are unavoidable and completely necessary. However, depending on the need for your website you need for the plugin also may differ. You may not need a shopping cart plugin for a portfolio website. Depending on the need for your site, it is important to make a list of plugins you will need.

There is an overwhelming number of plugins available from both WordPress and independent developers who sell plugins online. There are over 58000 plugins available just on wordPress and we certainly do not need all of them. Remember quality and functionality is key so let’s take a look at our business and website goals and the plugins you may need!

Yoast SEO

One of the most well known SEO plugins and also one of the most vital is Yoast SEO. Search engine optimization has never been more important. Without SEO we cannot remain relevant to searcher’s query and we will not be visible in the search engine. SEO plugins work by tweaking our URLs. title tags, Alt texts, improving content and thereby providing chances to improve our traffic and visibility. Yoast SEO is a solution to our lack of SEO practises and has made it simple for even the least tech savviest person. It has been around since 2008 and has been well received by millions all over the world. It has so many features that are useful to your site and SEO such as improving your meta tags, provide advanced XML sitemaps, improve site speed and even provide email support at a premium price.


One of the most popular security plugins used by all over the world. They are perfect for providing protection and supporting you along your website’s journey. Word fence provides an endpoint firewall and malware scanner, login security and other security tools. You can even analyse and monitor visits, hack attempts, block attacks and regions using word fence. The ability block countries are available with their premium packages.


Your content includes your written word, descriptions and images. All of these need to be optimized for the sake of a fast speed site. People tend to leave your website if it takes longer than 2 seconds to load your website. Speeding up is essential to both your SEO and traffic. Smush is one of the best plugins designed to improve your google page speed, optimize images and compress and resize images without losing their quality. Smush also helps to optimize your old pictures that were previously not optimized.  


Customer relationship management has never been so important to the world of marketing. Since 2020, the world has taken a heavy turn to improve their integrated marketing communications. This includes improving our CRM practises. Nurturing our customers, cultivating customer lifetime values, analysing their behaviours, strengthening relationships and growing your business with automated marketing campaigns. Hub post is a powerful plugin made to make our CRM easier. They have live chatbot features, beautifully made email newsletters, comprehensive database services and real time information on customers. Any website looking to turn their leads into sales, hubspot is a necessary plugin.  

Elementor Webstie Builder

Designing your website is important but it is all not possible to customize without the help of a plugin such as elementor website builder. This plugin is capable of transforming your website into a boring old generic website into a catchy site that provides high end design opportunities. You may not need a a professional WordPress designer with the help of this plugin. Elementors features include animations, shape dividers, gradient backgrounds, drag-and-drop editors and many other appealing design capabilities.

Google XML sitemaps

Another plugin developed to improve your search engine optimization! This plugin has been used for nine ground-breaking years, helping websites create special XML sitemaps that help search engines index your site better. Crawlers can find your site easily and make your site easier to retrieve since it is relevant. It is constantly updated and has been downloaded over by 2 million people across the world.

Mobile optimisations Soon!

Hello all! I’m proud to announce that our theme will now have better web compatibility in the next update. I know full well that nearly most of all searches and web browsing is now done on mobile platforms, hence we saw the great importance of making sure that our theme is compatible with mobile platforms. 

This is so that users who come across your website won’t leave after seeing that our theme is not compatible, decreasing the readability of it all. It is highly recommended that you all download this new update and apply it to your website, otherwise you may be losing a good chunk or potential visitors out there.

Until Next Time!

You might also want to read about our others update here.

Disadvantages of WordPress

While WordPress has become one of the most widely used content management platforms, its safe to say that it comes with its disadvantages, despite being a popular choice. Some of these issues may be something that may greatly affect your blog and company website, in all the wrong ways. 

Plugins to Make Things Work

While some may appreciate these plugins, we included, but sometimes it can seem that we solely need to rely on plugins to get our websites working in the first place and to properly manage them and their content. But with these plugins come another set of issues, compatibility. There is also the issue of a number of plugins no longer being updated and not compatible with a future update. Speaking of updates, it might also be a hassle to constantly update all the plugins your website is using.

Susceptible to Slow Speeds

Sometimes, you may come across a theme or plugin which may sound good and look good on paper but can drastically affect the speed of your webpage.  Unfortunately, the issue is quite common as there are a number of plugins and themes which are outdated and no longer being worked on. Sometimes important items like images and videos can also slow the site down if the theme you are using is not well updated to them. A slow website may be detrimental to its presence online, as Google tends to de-index websites which are not loading quick enough. 

Difficult SEO

Because of factors like the one mentioned above, keeping your websites SEO rankings up constantly maybe abt more difficult. Plus relying solely on WordPress SEO features to boost your site’s ranking is not advisable, while there are many useful plugins to assist with SEO, they alone will not easily get good ranks for Google. 


Because of its popularity, WordPress has been a big target for hackers and spammers. Many times bloggers and websites which have content will receive spam comments from various sources like viagra pill suppliers, pornography sites and the likes. You can download plenty of plugins to boost your website’s security, but it might not be enough. Venerable websites will, of course, only be an added risk to your website. And while you may be able to approve comments before they are posted, the number of spam comments you will have to approve and disapprove before they are seen will be a lot, and it will be time-consuming to go through filtering out real comments from the fake ones. 

Not Completely Free

It is safe to say that the reasons why many first-time website owners use WordPress are because it’s free. While many of us find this factor of WordPress good, there is always a catch. Free plans always have limitations and WordPress has enough limitations that can make it difficult to launch a proper website for free. If you aim to make your website unique, then you will need to spend a bit more cash on getting premium themes, and subscription that can ensure true uniqueness of your website. You should try to visit notepadchaos website to know more about this.

Advantages of Using WordPress

WordPress has become one of the most popular content management platforms to host your website. Whether you are a small-time blogger, a content site ort an e-commerce site. WordPress remains one of the most popular choices when it comes to hosting websites. 

But why? Here we will go over the advantages of using WordPress as a platform to manage your content. 


WordPress has established itself as a platform that is easy and simple to use. This is great for those who don’t have a lot of experience in setting up websites. This is because, with WordPress, users can make a website without getting too much into coding and HTML, which is something that can take a while to learn. With many templates to choose from, the process becomes as easy as drag and drop. In all the simplicity of  WordPress reduces the amount of time one has to spend on building a website.


WordPress ensures that it is always up to date with the current technologies available. IT is common for websites to change form what they were initially set up for, with WordPress, it is easy to make those changes without having to restart your site entirely. WordPress has regular updates that make sure that all the new trends and technologies are being followed so that users will not have their site tanked by a new update. 

Design Options

Even if they are free themes, WordPress has done an excellent job in ensuring these themes are good looking and will make your website look premium. Plus, you can further customise the themes and designs to your liking to really add that personal touch which makes you unique.


The great thing we know and love WordPress for is their wide inventory of plugins that can provide great assistance when creating and managing a website and its content.  Plugins like Yoast have become essential for your websites Search Engine Optimization, which is the key to getting your website seen in the first place. The plugins offered on WordPress are created with skilled developers who seek to find ways to improve the experience of setting up and managing a website. In all, these plugins will only be beneficial, and if you have a WordPress website, you are 100% going to be using them to assist you

Search Engine Optimisation

Aside from plugins, WordPress itself has developed a platform which can assist in the SEO of your website by offering options to put in H1, H2 and H3 tags or alt-text in images. Coming back the plugins, you will find no shortage of SEO plugins to assist you, and they all do their job well. 

In all, WordPress is an excellent platform to host your website, with years of experience in the industry, WordPress is specialized in adapting to newer technologies and trends. You can try visit the notepadchaos and get to know more about this matter.