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How WordPress Can Be Used To Spread Awareness

What Is Awareness?

In general, awareness refers to being aware of something and being aware of it. The condition or capacity to notice, feel, or be aware of events, objects, or sensory patterns is known as awareness. Awareness campaign is one that is designed to create public awareness about a cause that a company supports. There are a lot of awareness campaigns that you can see either on the internet or physically.

The purpose of the awareness campaign is to reach out to the public on a regular basis, properly assessing that outreach, and encouraging the public to take action on certain issues. Messages are sent to an audience through campaigns, and organizations track how many individuals get the message. For example, the campaign that is widely encouraged around the world is to reduce the usage of plastics especially plastic straws as it can threaten marine life.

For business, campaigns and awareness are being spread in order to make sure that the brand reaches the target audience. Once people are aware of that brand, they will always purchase from that one particular brand out of comfort. It leads to repeat customers and also making them the brand ambassador without anyone realising it.

How WordPress Can Be Used To Spread Awareness?

Moving on to the main issue that we are going to discuss, how WordPress can be the platform to spread awareness. As we all know that there are actually various ways to spread awareness, from as simple as posting photos on Instagram, to making a campaign with big brands. You decide how you are going to spread awareness as there are no limitations for it. In this article, I will be sharing some of the ways WordPress can be very useful when it comes to spreading awareness.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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If you are familiar with digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation is one of the ways that could make your business ranking higher than anyone else. It is the method of obtaining traffic through free, organic, editorial, or natural search results in search engines such as Google, Bing and so on. Its goal is to boost your website’s ranking in search engine results pages, so the more articles you write for your business or company, the higher it gets but make sure you are not spamming because once you are recognised as spamming, your search ranking will drop.

It Is Flexible

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Using WordPress to run your awareness campaign is very helpful because of the features that make it very flexible. With WordPress, you can customise your own website and there are no restrictions and limitations on it which means you have full control on your website. Not only that, it is also considered as flexible because you can access your website anytime you want, from anywhere you are. It is less ‘formal’ and will make you feel comfortable using it.

For example, if you are in an ad-hoc arbitration and you want to update something in your blog or website, you can easily use your smartphone or laptop and update it right away. Less hassle and faster than ever.

WordPress Offers Great Web Design

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When I put myself in the place of an audience, I am always interested in looking for something that is very catchy and simple. I want to browse through a website that has website designs that suit their campaign and that is why WordPress can be very useful if you want to spread awareness. With WordPress, you will be able to create your own web design or just hire the professionals to do it for you and make sure the design has something to do with your awareness campaign.

For instance, if you are on a campaign about normalising menstruation and educating people about it, you might want to make your website appear to be more feminine and calming. You don’t want to make your website or blog look masculine because it will not attract women to read it.

Easy Content Management

Spreading awareness is not an easy thing to do. You have to make sure the way you deliver the messages is reader friendly. A good website or blog for awareness campaigns should not be something that is hard to understand and messy. It should be very organised and able to convey the messages in a good way and prevent any misunderstanding from the campaign. Not only from the face of the blog but also from the editor’s view. With simple editing space, comes the simple and perfect content to be displayed.

Examples On How WordPress Helps To Spread Awareness

First, the most obvious thing that we can see now is about Covid-19. It helps with the data and statistics so that it is easier for people to find and understand. WordPress also helps to update the reader with the latest update about Covid-19, globally. All you need to do is install the plugins and it will showcase the live data, for example, new cases confirmed, new deaths, new recovered patients and so on.

With WordPress, you will also be able to improve your business marketing as it helps to increase the traffic on your websites and blogs. You can pour all your creativity by writing and making your web design looks interesting.

All in all, using WordPress is very helpful as it helps with SEO, web designing and so on. There is a lot more that you can do and you can just browse through the internet to find the right answer to your questions.

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How Mothers Can Earn Income Using WordPress?

What is WordPress and how is it useful?

WordPress originated in 2003 as free blogging software developed by Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg, who now operate, the business that makes WordPress open to anybody who wants to create a website or blog. WordPress’s developers wanted to “democratize publishing” by creating a site construction tool that would allow anybody to have a voice and presence online by producing it and keeping it forever free.

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WordPress is a platform that is commonly used by bloggers from personal bloggers to large companies to manage their blogs. Even if you are a mother of 2 kids, you will be able to make money using WordPress. The WordPress platform is adaptable, scalable, and most importantly WordPress will always be available for free. WordPress provides a number of customisation options to help you enhance the operation of your site. To add functionality, you may select from a variety of plugins such as Yoast SEO and widgets. This site builder is compact with useful features and content management system (cms) that aims to give ability and capability for everyone to make wonderful online presence in a minute.

If you are a mother who is just beginning your journey in the blogging world or trying to learn new things to improvise your website appearance, you can follow these steps that I am going to provide. It can be helpful for you and your website or blog.

Step 1: Choose A Domain Name For Your Website

Mom and baby with laptop computer working from home

What is a domain name? Your domain name is the name that people will search on the internet in order to get access to your website or blog. Picking a name for your website can be very exciting and overwhelming at the same time because you want your website name easily remembered and increase your presence on the search engine.

Make sure your domain name for your website represents your company or the product that you are selling because it helps to attract people to click on your website link. For example, if you are selling products for babies in Malaysia, you can pick a domain name like “” instead of “”. It appears to be better if you use the because first, it is somehow a catchy name and second because from the domain people can tell that you are selling products for babies.

Step 2: Purchase A Package For Web Hosting

After you have registered your domain name, you will need to set up an account for your hosting plan. Fill out each section with your personal information, then read down to the package selections (Basic, Plus, or Business Pro) and select an option that suits your budget and service demands. If you are a start up business or beginner personal blogger, make sure you have done some research to ensure the functionality of the hosting account. Read the terms of service, cancellation policy, and privacy notices, then check the box to indicate that you agree with the policies.

Step 3: Install WordPress And Choose A Theme!

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WordPress may be installed in a variety of ways. Most web hosting services will offer a simple one-click installation method that streamlines the entire process. Once it is installed, you are good to go and the first thing you should do is to choose a theme for your website. A WordPress theme is a pre-designed and pre-coded WordPress interface template. Essentially, it saves you the time (and money) of designing your own website from the start or paying someone else to do it for you.

WordPress will give you their latest theme but that is usually just a basic theme and you will need to change it to the most suitable theme for your website. But you should keep in mind that not every theme works the same way. Others use a website builder or graphic editor, while others use a basic text editor which appears similar to the blank page in Microsoft Word. Make sure you are firm with which theme you would want to use because it will be a hassle if you want to change the theme.

Step 4: Learn Your WordPress Dashboard

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WordPress can be the important things that you should take care of. This is the place where you can control what people see on your homepage. You should learn how to really control it because it helps you to run your website smoothly. At the dashboard you can see that there are two places that you can use to post your postings which is the post and page ‘pages’.

There are different options to apply to each, but the basic area in which you work remains the same, making it a simple workplace to get accustomed to. You can create your own blocks and menu by yourselves, so it will be easier for you to navigate the editor’s page according to your comfort. Once you have customised your own site, you can start exploring the tools and features provided. It surely will give you a lot of benefits in the future.

It is never too late to learn and improve yourself with this kind of knowledge because this can be considered as your time investment. You take your time to learn and you can sell your service to other people who don’t have ample time to learn and explore WordPress.

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Why You Need A Custom WordPress Theme

What’s the first thing we notice about a website? It is not the URL or the meta description that catches our attention. It is the catchy headlines, the placement of the headline, the layout and colors and blog post formats. Sometimes we are taken to liking by the revolutionized slider on the page or the animated graphics or the unique branding presented on the website. How do you accomplish a unique look for your website that potentially no other website has? 

Custom Themes!

What Is A Custom WordPress Theme? 

WordPress is the world’s most well-known content management system where people drop, drag and manage new content. It is free to use and once installed and has gazillion resources for everyone. WordPress is powerful and vouched for by major businesses over and over. Once people have WordPress effectively installed they are met with the choice of either using a pre-built theme for their site or installing a Custom WordPress theme. WordPress is home to more than 50,000 themes and they are bound to look repetitive. Even a premium theme may lack the desired unique look of a business or a personal blog site. 

custom wordpress theme

Themes are essential in running a fully functioning website. They bring color to your site, designs, layers and different looks along with features to your site. A normal free theme differs from a custom theme because we are making the theme from scratch based on our business needs, goals and looks. You either hire someone to provide a customized theme or you spend your knowledge in coding to craft your own customized WordPress theme. 

One of the more significant reasons for building a website is to bring a unique splash of colour to your brand. It also involves creating a competitive advantage, improving lead generation and amplifying your branding on digital platforms. A loud amplification is not truly possible without a good customization. I can go on and on about why you need to create your own customized theme but let’s take a look at some of the reasons to build your own custom wordpress theme!

Customized Theme Will Help You Stand Out 

What’s better than a complete one of a kind website to stand out among billions of websites? Competing even in our niche is hard in the digital world. Even the most unheard of niches have their own audiences with a handful of hundreds of websites. With billions of people to read and cater to, it is important to make sure your website is a reflection of your niche, goals and your passions. The generic prebuilt themes may not fit our visualized ideal image, requirements and content in mind. It is also important to note that people tend to leave the website if it is not visually engaging enough. It also won’t be a memorable experience for anyone who stays on the site. 

Improve Site Performance 

The biggest perk of actually building your own website from scratch is the ability to assure quality and performance. A prebuilt theme cannot beat the site speed and the user interface of a customized wordpress theme. The amount of conflicts, issues and lagging you have will be significantly reduced and the customer support you get for customized themes remains long term.  

Amplifies Branding Needs 

Creating a brand centric theme is crucial, especially if you are an all digital business or a platform. Accessing our reader, customers and users through a digital platform means our website is the ideal point of visualization of the business. The branding of the business lies in the designing of the site, the performance and the quality navigation, customer support and content on the site.  From email newsletter subscriptions to the features of live chat bots all make a difference in how customers perceive you. If your branding needs are not fulfilled by a prebuilt theme, it is time you opt for a customized theme. 

Less Dependant On Third Party Plugins 

When we build our own custom theme we are also setting out independence. Our need for 3rd party plugins decreases and hoarding of plugins becomes a fixed issue. Plugins are a vital part of the wordpress web building world. Without plugins you cannot build functionality into your site. So how does a custom built site reduce the need for plugins and still remain effective? When we build a custom site, the functionality is already incorporated. There is no longer any need to install 3rd party plugins that potentially slows down our site and decreases the satisfaction rate among users. 

Highly Secure And Well-protected 

Security should never be compromised when it comes to your website. A website is a huge part of your digital marketing and branding. Any vulnerabilities in the website among the rising number of hackers and cybercriminals are not an idea favored by anyone. So what can we do to improve the security of our WordPress site? Get a custom wordpress theme. A prebuilt website does not offer much security compared to custom wordpress themes. Custom wordpress themes are incorporated with security features to prevent any potential hazardous attacks of the website

Improved SEO and Mobile friendly 

A custom wordpress theme is definitely more SEO friendly compared to a prebuilt theme. Search engine optimization is absolutely vital in the world of websites. Without optimization you cannot improve your traffic, sales and brand awareness. It is key to make your website SEO friendly for all devices. Improved site speed in the custom theme, fewer plugins, improved security, and better compatibility with various devices all improves the relevancy of the website on the search engine. 

It is needless to say that a custom wordpress theme is sure to burn a hole in our wallets. It may be expensive but the benefits outweigh the cost. Customized themes must be done based on our need for such a theme and whether it matters to our business goals. It depends on our budget and how much we are willing to spend on the digital marketing of the brand. However, in the long run if you want your brand to differentiate, remain unique and cater to a wider audience it is important to use a custom WordPress theme.

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Elements Of An Effective Personal Blog

Having your own platform can be a very powerful thing. Especially in a time where there are millions of listeners. A personal blog gives individuals the perfect opportunity to access a world of readers who are waiting for a chance to be educated, entertained and loved. 

But using your platform and voice has never been easy. Platforms like WordPress and social media made it easier for us to navigate the world of blogging but we are far from being masters of it. Some of us are eager to share our world of hobbies with people. Some of us want to create a place that encourages others to study. Some just want to share their love for dogs and cats. Others want to teach how to groom them. More and more people want to share their travel stories online. And even more wants to listen to all of these. There are over billions of personal blogs and each have something unique to offer their readers. People who successfully monetized their personal blogs have come a very long journey and people who just started are in for a very overwhelming process of the internet world. 

In the frenzy of internet start ups and strategies, people also have been speculating that Personal blogs are not as significant as they used to be with. With videos and high quality images making a change across the world, written content does not seem as “dazzling”. However this is far from the truth. Many marketers agree that blogging and content writing is one of the most effective forms of marketing in the digital world. The significance of blogs will always stay the same or will only go higher as we unravel our interests, hobbies and experiences. 

personal blog

So how do we embark on the journey of creating the perfect personal blog on WordPress? Many face the issue of not even showing up on the search engine and without showing up, we have no reach or visibility. An effective personal blog is not only about the content you write. While WordPress has made it easier for us to create a personal blog, there are some crucial elements that make the blog a functional one. 

Touch Of Personalization 

A personal blog is not about being monotonous and completely educational. A personal blog brings a touch of your own personality to the blog. Whether it is in the form of storytelling, or in an enticing introduction, this is necessary to let people visualize your blog post. They would like to see that this is written by a real human who has experienced, loved, and cared for it all. When we see a blog that is faceless, it is normally a business or an ecommerce platform. 

Beautiful Theme 

WordPress has blessed us with over thousands of themes to choose from. They are available to us for free and at a premium price. No matter what theme we choose, we must make sure it aligns with the tone of your blog post. Is your blog about something bold, controversial and serious? Or is your blog post about something light, funny and educational? Depending on your need for the blog post your theme also must change. Your theme also makes a  great difference on how many people are attracted to you and how much time they spend navigating on your website. The more people visit you, the more you are relevant on the search engine. And the more relevant you are, the more readers you have!

Engaging Content 

Content is key, and especially on a blog post. People come to your blog for the type of content you curate. Is it useful to readers? Does it answer their questions? Is it exciting to read? Does it keep the readers in a trance? Or is it too repetitive and monotonous? Many make the mistake of repeating the same blog headings and using the same content over and over again. A unique blog post is important even if your niche or topic is the same. The way you write and engage with readers is your medium of communication. 

Content should not only be enginging, but it also should be long enough. Many marketers recommend that an appropriate amount for a blog post is 1500 words. But of course, you don’t always need thousands of words. If you are a well known individual or an influencer with a following, your content doesn’t necessarily have to be long to get you noticed on the search engine. 

Search Engine Optimization 

When creating content, it is not only important to think about creating quality content. But it is also important that you implement SEO practises and guidelines. Improving your subheading distribution, optimizing length of the content, improving site speed, adding internal and external links, and improving your meta description is all important to the world of Search  engines. It is also important to research the keywords relevant to your niche before writing your blog. Including 5-6 keywords with one keyphrase to improve your blog’s relevancy to search queries will also greatly improve your site rankings. 

Link To Your Social Media 

Your social media is equally important as your content. You can drive traffic to your website from social media to your website. And you can drive people to your social media from your website as well. People like to place a face and images to the content they are reading. They like to share what they read and they like to support people on social media. If your blog post does not have a tweetable button or an instagram button, it is time to add social plugins that will improve your blog post website. 

Descriptive URLs 

URLs are important. This is how search engines locate you and this is something both you and your search engine can read. Keywords in the URL is a differentiating factor in the site rankings. It improves your site’s visibility on the search engine. Remember to keep your URL descriptive, short and enticing! 

These are some of the many elements that make our personal blog stand out from the rest. These tips can go a long way in building our online audience and engaging with them. It is important to keep your readers posted weekly and engage them with quality content! 

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What You Need To Know About WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are one such blessing for all independent designers and website builders. Hosting our website on WordPress is only the beginning. Learning about WordPress plugins and navigating the world of plugins requires a whole lot more energy and lessons. 

WordPress plugin is an open-source software designed to add or enhance the functions of your website. They build your shopping carts, they improve your site speed, thy give you the free space to design, edit, add security, block hackers and customize for countries. 

Currently WordPress has over 58 380 plugins ready to use but before clicking the download button on all the must have plugins, there are few things we must be aware of. Plugins are not a deal of the more is better. Having random plugins hoarding our website is just as much of a dead end as having no plugins at all. They are necessary and vital for the survival of our website.  

wordpress plugins

Navigating the vital components of WordPress sites can be extremely stressful but we are here to make it easier for you. Building your own website is easier and better when you are confident in your knowledge and the resources that you are using. Sky is our limit on knowledge and here are some crucial points you must know about the world of WordPress plugins.  

All Plugins Are Not The Same

Let me rephrase that. Not all plugins are created equal. They all serve a different purpose. Some of them small, some of them big. Some of the simple plugins for contact forms, some of them made for email marketing. Some of them are customer relationship management tools and some are security tools. Each and every plugin add on even those in the same niche are created differently. With different requirements, different compatibility, and different support systems by the developers. Some are even plugins that are completely abandoned by third party developers and need an alternative.

Reviews Are Important

What do people say about the plugins? The number of downloads, ratings and the very descriptive review on each and every plugin has an important role. Every free plugin on earth does not have the means to satisfy our needs and goals. Some of them may give us more conflict than solutions. Good reviews are indicators of suitable plugins for our site.

Plugins Are Vital

Our website needs are important to the list of plugins we may need to download. But some are required regardless of the need, the reasoning and purpose. Plugins that are made for our SEO, security, contact, and login are crucial in the world of websites. Some plugins such as those made for web design are also significant while others much as plugins for sliders may not be as necessary to our site needs or site rankings. Our fundamentals, SEO and functionality must be fulfilled with the help of plugins made for wordPress.

You Cannot Install Plugins on

Many are under the impression that and are the same thing. But these are two very different sites for different purposes. is referred to as the self-hosted WordPress and this is where users can download and install plugins to implement. Self-hosted allows users to have full control and customization capabilities of their site. On the other hand, is a limited version of the bigger platform. It is a hosting service that is perfect for beginners and personal bloggers who do not care for monetization of their websites.

There Is No Such Thing as Too Many (Sometimes)

Quality is indeed key to any plugins that we install. It is important our needs align with the plugins that we implement on the website. However, there is no such thing as too many plugins that can slow down or deteriorate the performance of your website. The issue of plugins being too “many” rises when we continue to hoard our website with poorly made and ill rated plugins on the site.

 Quality Of The Plugins Is Key!

Quality plugins make a quality website. Having a number of plugins is important but it is not as important as having quality plugins. They are essential at saving money, reputation and page rankings in the future. They also save us from an incredibly slow speed site, lowered performance, decreased number of traffic, ruined customer perception and so many other issues. Bad plugins can completely crash your website, ruining both your hard work and valuable time. The purpose of plugins is to add functionality to your website and be an aid to your theme and SEO. It is not aimed to create pain, conflict and hassle. So make sure to only install reputable, quality plugins to your beloved website.

Activate Backend Plugins When Necessary And Deactive When Not In Use

Some plugins are necessary and need to be updated but when the plugins are not needed it is important to deactivate them to avoid any plugin conflicts. The site performance is also impacted if you activate plugins that your website does not need. Hence keep in mind to deactivate any plugins that you are not using for the website and activate the plugins that need to be utilized. 

There Are Both Free And Premium Plugins

Plugins do not come in one package. They come in different sizes, different needs and definitely different prices. PRemium plugins tend to offer more features but even free plugins are good enough for new websites and beginners who are testing out plugins on their website. Premium plugins are not necessarily more important than free plugins. Both serve their purpose and can be equally useful depending on your needs. 

It goes without saying that plugins are an important part of our WordPress website. Without plugins, we cannot make it functional, especially if you are using a pre-built WordPress theme. Plugins are necessary to improve and enhance the features of your website and it is not always necessary to get all of the plugins. Always consider the ratings of your plugins, the needs for your website, the plugin’s impact on your site performance and the quality of plugins you are implementing.

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Do You Need WordPress SEO Plugins?

WordPress is heard and used by everyone. This is one of the most popular and efficient web building platforms available for everyone. There are so many benefits to actually using WordPress to host your website. This is where we build our dreams, customize and personalize it for our users. WordPress made it key to cater to our website needs whether it is a blogging site, an e-commerce platform, a forum, or even a portfolio.

If WordPress is good enough for big names like Playstation and BBC, it is more than good enough for our tiny website. Other than being completely free, and alluring WordPress made it easy and accessible for beginners using a very special feature. Plugins!

What Are Plugins?

Plugins add the essential to websites. They add features and functions and have our website up and running. Plugins are used to make the changes in your website to make it full-fledged and useful to your business and customers. It is what’s used to connect your Instagram to your website. It is also what is used to build in a shopping cart, improve site speed, make forms, add email subscription services and so many more.

seo plugins

Plugins have so many benefits to the user. Building a website can be overwhelming and intimidating but SEO plugins make this journey hundred times easier and more functional. Plugins in the technical world is a software or a piece of code that allows us to add on features to our WordPress site. We don’t need a developer to come in to build that function into our site. Plugins step up for us and save the big bucks, time and performance. Plugins are also essential in the SEO world. It makes your website relevant to the search engine and improves your rankings.

WordPress has thousands of plugins that are free to use. Some of them we may have to pay but many are at our disposal within our budget. They can be implemented at any point of our journey but there are few things to keep in mind to keep our plugins running on the WordPress site. And there are few tips to remember when choosing our Plugins.

Plugins must be chosen based on its vitality, virality, reviews and quality. The question of quality over quantity is never up for debate but when it comes to plugins more is good. Unless you are hoarding your website with plugins, you can easily get away with any complicated plugin conflicts. It is also important to note that some plugins are simply much more important than others. SEO plugins and security plugins are unavoidable and completely necessary. However, depending on the need for your website you need for the plugin also may differ. You may not need a shopping cart plugin for a portfolio website. Depending on the need for your site, it is important to make a list of plugins you will need.

There is an overwhelming number of plugins available from both WordPress and independent developers who sell plugins online. There are over 58000 plugins available just on wordPress and we certainly do not need all of them. Remember quality and functionality is key so let’s take a look at our business and website goals and the plugins you may need!

Yoast SEO

One of the most well known SEO plugins and also one of the most vital is Yoast SEO. Search engine optimization has never been more important. Without SEO we cannot remain relevant to searcher’s query and we will not be visible in the search engine. SEO plugins work by tweaking our URLs. title tags, Alt texts, improving content and thereby providing chances to improve our traffic and visibility. Yoast SEO is a solution to our lack of SEO practises and has made it simple for even the least tech savviest person. It has been around since 2008 and has been well received by millions all over the world. It has so many features that are useful to your site and SEO such as improving your meta tags, provide advanced XML sitemaps, improve site speed and even provide email support at a premium price.


One of the most popular security plugins used by all over the world. They are perfect for providing protection and supporting you along your website’s journey. Word fence provides an endpoint firewall and malware scanner, login security and other security tools. You can even analyse and monitor visits, hack attempts, block attacks and regions using word fence. The ability block countries are available with their premium packages.


Your content includes your written word, descriptions and images. All of these need to be optimized for the sake of a fast speed site. People tend to leave your website if it takes longer than 2 seconds to load your website. Speeding up is essential to both your SEO and traffic. Smush is one of the best plugins designed to improve your google page speed, optimize images and compress and resize images without losing their quality. Smush also helps to optimize your old pictures that were previously not optimized.  


Customer relationship management has never been so important to the world of marketing. Since 2020, the world has taken a heavy turn to improve their integrated marketing communications. This includes improving our CRM practises. Nurturing our customers, cultivating customer lifetime values, analysing their behaviours, strengthening relationships and growing your business with automated marketing campaigns. Hub post is a powerful plugin made to make our CRM easier. They have live chatbot features, beautifully made email newsletters, comprehensive database services and real time information on customers. Any website looking to turn their leads into sales, hubspot is a necessary plugin.  

Elementor Webstie Builder

Designing your website is important but it is all not possible to customize without the help of a plugin such as elementor website builder. This plugin is capable of transforming your website into a boring old generic website into a catchy site that provides high end design opportunities. You may not need a a professional WordPress designer with the help of this plugin. Elementors features include animations, shape dividers, gradient backgrounds, drag-and-drop editors and many other appealing design capabilities.

Google XML sitemaps

Another plugin developed to improve your search engine optimization! This plugin has been used for nine ground-breaking years, helping websites create special XML sitemaps that help search engines index your site better. Crawlers can find your site easily and make your site easier to retrieve since it is relevant. It is constantly updated and has been downloaded over by 2 million people across the world.

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Why You Need To Learn WordPress

People talk a lot about WordPress. And why do you need to learn in today’s climate? 

But are you still confused about WordPress means? You hear the word, but could not wrap your head around its meaning. You get that it is a platform to create websites? But really, it cannot be that easy right?

If you find yourself wondering why you should ever bother with this website builder, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will do a deep dive into wordPress and why you need to be the first in line to master it. 

What’s WordPress? 

WordPress is your basic website builder. You choose a theme, you create the layout, you put your logo, you put the content, you optimize it, and you show it to the whole world. Up until a few years ago, building websites was not made accessible or easy. Softwares and platforms like wordpress paved a way for small business owners, writers and freelancers to make their way into the world of websites at an affordable price. 


WordPress is also an open source content management software that is free for everyone on the planet. There is no discrimination on how it is accesible. As long as you have a device and a good connection, you have access to all the services of wordpress. 

WordPress does not only build the framework of your website. They give you the space to explore, and make it into any sort of website that you wish to. Do you want to have your own food blog? Or do you want to have a strict portfolio website? Maybe build a no brainer e-commerce site? Well, wordPress if probably the easiest way into making the website of your dreams. 

Did you also know that some of your very beloved websites are built on wordpress? Ofcourse, they have included some very premium elements to make it look posh and sophisticated but websites like Sony Music website, the official star wars blog, and even snoop dogg uses wordpress. Love him or hate him, his website is flying as high as him. There is also more! Microsoft and Ted Blog, Skype and even Playstation website was built using wordpress? 

The usage of wordpress is not limited to just for those with a small budget. Everyone uses it. Infact 40% of the websites on the internet use it. But there is more than accessibility for your noble reasons to pursue wordpress. So let’s dive into some of these reasons! 

Opens The Door To Opportunities 

In a world of competition and limited opportunities, making opportunities has become the norm. Perhaps our biggest opportunity lies in the digital world. There are millions of businesses out there looking for professional web developers who also specialize in wordpress sites. Sites built with wordpress tend to hold about billions of monthly views and this is eye opening statistics for businesses who are looking to expand their businesses. Most people don’t have the time or the skills to build a website from scratch. But if you have the necessary knowledge, skills and creativity, you are opening up yourself to a world full of endless economic opportunities. 

Unlimited Learning Resources 

Learning wordpress is not as difficult as one may perceive. It will take hard work and persistence to master it but the road has been made easier for many with the help of millions of resources available on the internet. Today we have e-books, hardbooks, tutorials, certified courses, tutorials, guides, youtube videos as our gurus and so many more.It is also a common misperception  that we need to learn programming languages how to actually use wordpress. You may not need much knowledge of programming language in the initial stages of your wordpress journey. All you need to know is how google works and practise the functions of wordpress. The more we practise, the more we learn. You can also take it at your own steady space with various levels of courses and videos that are available for you on the internet. 

Teaches Valuable Skills 

You cannot put a figure on the skills you obtain while pursuing the journey of WordPress development. A number of invaluable skills are taught and learned. Some of these skills include communication, analytical, teamwork, digital, problem-saving, and the list goes on! As wordpress developers or designers, you need to be in constant touch with people surrounding you. Your client, your organization, and other developers. You need their insights and guidelines to move forward.  While learning WordPress you learn to craft the art of communication and solve every obstacle along your way. Teaching yourself or using an online, both give you the skill of learning how to solve difficult problems. You never know when you might run into a conflict with the plugins or a security issue that needs to be fixed. Also, it certainly helps you and your career to extremely polish up your digital skills. These digital skills you acquire are highly in demand by companies and puts you in the perfect spotlight.

Appealing Candidate 

Speaking of being highly demanded, we know what comes next when you acquire the knowledge of a complex software. You become an indispensable resource to a company. You are an appealing candidate. Many are looking for hires that possess unique skills such as photoshop skills, video editing skills, content management software skills, wordpress skills and so on. Learning wordpress not only gives you opportunities as a freelancer, but it makes you stand out as a job candidate. 

Control Your Own Site 

Maybe the day comes when you want to run your own website. Whether it is a blog, a business site, a portfolio, an e-commerce platform, a forum, you name it. When the time comes, you are able to use your own skills and knowledge to create a website of your own. You do not need to pay someone else to make you your dream website, but rather you are in control. But of course, never underestimate the power of fresh new insights from other developers and designers in your journey. It is invaluable in your learning process.

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6 Benefits Of Hiring A WordPress Developer And A Designer

Building a website has never been easier as a result of the world’s largest web hosting platform, WordPress. 40% of websites are built on wordpress and there is a good reason why many are attracted to wordpress. They are easy to deploy, functional, highly customizable, give you the aesthetics and appeals and are even easier to maintain. 

While WordPress made the process of building a website, the system does not come without its complexities. Many small business owners and even large businesses gamble with the idea of hiring their own wordpress designers. 


Many say it is useless to hire a separate designer when wordpress was designed to be cost effective and made for the least tech savvy people. In hindsight this is true. WordPress was indeed made for those lacking much technical knowledge. It is also made with built in features and plugins to get your site up and running and noticed by the search engine as well as people. So what’s the need for a wordpress designer when we could do it all by ourselves? 

WordPress designers are those with the technical knowledge and language proficiency to build and implement an attractive website that is interactive, engaging and user friendly. They are responsible for designing the layout, playing with the customizations, generating plugins, improving security, upgrading the status of the website based on the metrics and performance  and so many more. Their overall goals are to meet the business objectives for the website and build a fully functioning one that amplifies the satisfaction. 

They Can Customize Your Website 

Customization is tricky when it comes to doing it on your own. You need some knowledge of coding languages to be able to modify or mold an existing theme or even make one from scratch. Many wordpress designers tend to build their own designs of the sites, with modified fonts, colour palettes, stylistic details. They either use the WordPress site itself for modification or use an editing tool such as Photoshop to build their own theme for customizations. Once the edit is done, advanced designers with their knowledge in wordpress development can also build this into the actual HTML site. 

They Can Build Your Brand 

A wordpress designer is a crucial part of building the overall look and image of your site. And the visual appeal of your website is directly tied to the image of your brand since the website layout is what people see and perceive. The ease of layout, the user centricity and the friendly navigation all points to enhancing user experience which plays a major role in the branding of the business.

A wordpress designer can camplify the image of your brand by elevating the design of your website. They understand the complexities of user experience and psychology of design that makes users attracted to you and improve their overall satisfaction. 

They Can Combat Security Vulnerabilities

A newbie to the word of wordpress design hardly knows much about building in security and combating attacks when building their website. This pandemic has led to an increased number of cyber attacks on the web and statistics suggest that there is an attack in about every 39 seconds. Your website must be protected from all sorts of attacks on the web. Maximum security is something a web designer and developer can help provide. 

They Can Create A Competitive Advantage 

Who knows your competitors better than someone who did their website or did similar websites in the industry and niche you are in? Web designers know the importance of creating a competitive edge with the help of a website. They also know how to improve the rankings of your website compared to the competitor’s website. They also have a thorough understanding of who your customers are and what they expect from you on your website. A good wordpress web designer will use his or her prowess and knowledge to create a website that is highly customized, fast, readable and much more responsive compared to your competitors website. 

They Are Cost Effective 

WordPress designers can be a lot more expensive than having to build the website yourself. But can you put a price and replacement on years of experience, the ability to customize, increase site traffic, create efficient branding, improve user centricity and build a sleek website? Probably not. While we can create our own, it is likely to end up looking like every other website made using wordpress. It can come across as dull and repetitive to your readers and users.

Web designers are also much more cost effective than hiring your own team of developers and designers. You do not need to pay an extra salary or build office space for new employees. Many wordpress web designers work remotely and have varying charges and fees depending on your needs. They have custom packages that can fulfill your needs and can give you an array of opportunities to explore. 

They Can Improve The Site Traffic 

The first and foremost reason to create a website is to build a face to your business. This face is responsible for bringing in customers and amplifying the customer journey. They open up new experiences and informational outlets for customers and readers. As web designers, their aim is to elevate the face of the website to increase its visibility on the search engine. Ofcourse, by implementing SEO practises. Web designers have well seasoned experience with the way design and SEO works. They know which plugins work the best and how to resolve any conflict with the plugins as well. They know what will improve the site speed 

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A Guide To Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your Website

We all need a website for our business. As Bill Gates said a business not on the business, will go out of business. So it is our duty to make sure we avoid that horrible outcome at all costs right?

So where do we get our website? Most people and businesses who need a website go to WordPress, which is the world’s largest web publishing software. If you are planning to create content on a website, or build an eCommerce platform you will need the WordPress web hosting service. There are currently over 455,000,000 websites that are using wordpress right now. 

If you have a website, you are still going to need to create a proper layout for the site. It needs a face. An appearance. Something that users can see and interact with. Also something that your search engine can read and find you. You are going to need a wordpress theme.

wordpress theme

What’s A WordPress Theme? 

A wordpress theme is what people see when they visit your site. From the navigation bar to where the shopping cart is determined by the wordpress theme file. WordPress theme is the graphical user interface that people interact with. A wordpress theme provides functionality and usability to the site. It provides the visual, the layout, the font styles, widgets, colours and the other little details of a website. 

A good wordpress theme has the power of making people interact with your website for a long period of time. A good theme can attract people towards you and entice them. It also adds to the brand reputation and the brand awareness among people.How many of us have seen a good looking website and were unable to leave it because it just looked so good? As business owners, our aim is to make sure people keep scrolling through our website. Hoping they enjoy the joyful theme and pages filled with content. Indeed, a good wordpress theme makes all the difference in the customer experience.

WordPress themes are so easily accessible. Whether we are just starting out or have an already established medium sized business, wordpress can cater to all budgets. WordPress themes are both free and come in premium design packages. Being a premium theme means you have higher customization power and more features. But free themes are not any less. They are powerful and fulfills all the basic necessities of the customer and the search engine. 

Free or premium, we must keep an open and conscious mind when choosing our wordpress theme. There are a lot of things we must consider when choosing the ideal wordpress theme for our website. It goes beyond the appearance and the visual of the theme.  

Let’s take a look at all the facts you must keep an eye out for when choosing your wordpress theme! 

Does It Meet Your Objectives? 

Your business objectives always take precession when choosing any elements of your website. Different themes have different functionalities and usabilities. Some have the ability to secure payments or sign up for emails while other themes may not have the same feature. Some themes are made for simple portfolio purposes while others are for blogs. So depending on the type of business you have, and the reason for your website, you may need to look at all the features required for your theme and whether the designated theme fulfills your requirements. 

Theme Speed 

You don’t want your website to look good and work at the speed of a snail. People tend to get frustrated easily when a page is too slow. When the content takes too long to load. When the shopping cart is slow to process or when it takes too much time to jump to the next page. Little things matter in the process of building your website and one such is speed of your theme. The right navigation and optimized speed of the theme can make all the difference when driving traffic to your site. Google also takes note of how fast your site is and how much time people spend there. It determines how SEo friendly your website is. The faster it is , the more relevant the site is. Did you know that people tend to leave the site if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load? 

A combination of tools can be used to test the performance and speed of the theme. Google also has some tools that you can use such as the Google Pagespeed Insights. 

Responsive Design Of The Theme 

Does the website open up nicely on the desktop but looks like a mess when viewed from your mobile? Perhaps that’s the consequence of using a theme with an unresponsive design. Most people do their shopping, reading, and consuming entertainment using their mobiles. Without a responsive design, you cannot increase the mobile traffic or improve the satisfaction of users.  The improvement of user experience is crucial, especially since google made it a ranking factor that affects your visibility on the search engine. 

Customization Capability 

Sometimes we need to do a little fine tuning of our own to the prebuilt themes on wordpress. But some of the themes made by independent developers do not allow for much customization. A simple demo of the theme can tell you whether you can change it’s colours, switch up the styling fonts and change the overall appearance of the web page. The customization capability gives you the freedom to arrange the site according to your preferences 

Reviews Of The Theme  

Reviews are a great indicator of the performance of the theme. Always check for the reviews of a theme before clicking purchase or even before using the free wordpress theme. There are thousands of themes that are free and capable of meeting your objectives. But the deliverables and results of a theme can be easily identified by the status of the reviews. 

Support The Necessary Plugins 

The most desirable thing about wordpress is the availability of plugins to improve our functionality and usability of the site. But there are some themes that do not support various plugins for the site. It is important to check out the compatibility of  your theme with plugins such as Yoast SEO plugins, security plugins, site speed plugins and e-commerce plugins and so many more. It is also good to check for the plugins that already come with the theme. This is an indication of an updated theme that is good for your website.

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Your Guide To Improving SEO OF Your WordPress Site

Got your WordPress site up and running? Sometimes a beautifully customized theme or a premium theme from WordPress is not the end of your work. A good design, visually appealing elements, and easy navigation are crucial to the establishment of a website that drives traffic. But we all know what truly drives people to your website? It is your search engine that directs people towards your website and how can you make your newly made, fresh WordPress site optimized? 

What Is SEO? 

SEO otherwise also known as search engine optimization is the process of making your website and online content more visible in the search engine. Gaining maximum visibility depends on many different factors. But the aim of SEO is to establish practices that drive more and more people towards your business, ultimately increasing your traffic and lead generation. 

SEO is not as complicated as many perceive it to be. The process of SEO heavily involves changing your language in such a manner that the search engine understands you. For instance, search engines such as Google and Bing have their own language for communication. While they cannot learn ours, we can learn theirs. What do they consider important? What do they listen to and what are their ranking factors? 

The Google algorithm is constantly changing and we don’t even know the full truth of what is in the algorithm. As marketers, business owners, developers it is our job to figure out what works best in the world of google and bing. It is constantly changing and what grabs their attention one day may not matter the next day. 

Why Is SEO Important For Your Website? 

Millions of people look up keywords relevant to your business on the search engine. It is a shame to not show up on the first page when it is more important than ever. 

SEO practices help us get to the first page in the current competitive market. They help us reach the top of the first page. SEO is important since this is how businesses can reach their customers. Or rather bring their customer to them. Customers will not search for your business name on their search query box. They will search what’s related to you and it is your job to make sure the search engine knows that you are relevant to the search query. 

SEO is incredibly at developing credibility for your business. You don’t rank higher unless the search engine trusts you. And people tend to trust what shows up on the first page of the search engine

Besides credibility, the traffic drive  SEO is also important for giving your eh competitive edge. Standing out from the rest of the competition on the search engine means you are more likely to get targeted customers and improve your lead generation and sales. 

How Can You Improve WordPress SEO? 

Many choose a WordPress website because it is extremely SEO-friendly. You don’t need much technical knowledge to get the hang of understanding optimizing your site on WordPress. 

WordPress SEO can be optimized in so many different ways.

Creating A Clear URL 

Everything has an address on the internet. In the world of search engines, we call it a URL. URL in other words a uniform resource locator helps translate the IP address that is read by the search engine into something that can be easily read by humans. So what impact does this have on SEO?

The first basic aim of SEO is to be the facilitator between the search engine and humans. We cannot make sense of the language encoded by the search engine and it cannot understand basic human language. 

A URL provides a clear indication that can be easily read by both humans and search engines. A well-written URL, with the right keywords inserted, of the right light and descriptive can improve the user perception and experience and increase the ranking factor as determined by the search engine. A well-written, technical URL can help you get noticed by both users as well as the search engine.

Use The Right Keywords In Your Title 

Keyword research is very important. Even in 2021. Keywords are no longer the only thing that determines the page rank but they still remain imperative in the world of SEO. so when you are putting up and crafting your title for your post and your page, ask yourself whether it includes the right keywords? Would people search for these words in the search query? How likely is it that Google notices that you are relevant to the users’ search query? Installing a WordPress SEO plugin can help people focus on the key phrase word in the content as well as the title. 

Install SEO plugins 

It is not easy to get started on your SEO journey, especially if you are new to the WordPress site. WordPress offers many different plugins that are designed to optimize your site for the search engine. These SEO plugins are designed to improve your traffic, engagement and get the most out of your website. SEO plugins are one of the many desirable reasons many choose to have a WordPress site because of their ease of use and functionality. 

Write More

Writing is important in the SEO world. Content is king and the content must be relevant according to the search engine. The search engine cannot read your article about the best brownie places in Kuala Lumpur but they can certainly notice the length and relevancy of keywords in your post to the search queries. writing more is also beneficial to keeping your readers interested in your content. Granted that it is relevant to your title and has engaging information, readers are likely to subscribe and stay on the site for longer periods of time. The search engines also notice how much time people spend on your site, the click-through rates, and bounce rates. 

Organic Backlinks To Your Post 

Your WordPress Site is not search engine optimized until you optimize the post and the content. Sometimes you need a more advanced way to get your page ranking on top. And one great way to get to the top is obtaining backlinks. 

Responsive Web Design 

A responsive web design aims to help your site’s SEO in more than one way. The ultimate experience of the consumer lies in how easy, responsive, and accessible you made your site for readers. A responsive web design also means it is better optimized for your mobile and google does not see your mobile site as the same content that’s duplicated. This is another ranking factor in the search engine. Both mobile and web-optimized sites can also mean you are bound to get more traffic since people experience the best out of the website. They get to reap the benefits without the frustrations of a sluggish site and lowered UX design. 

Ready to catch more fishes in the ocean? (Ocean as in the search engine!) Keep these wonderful tips in mind when choosing the perfect WordPress design and creating content for the WordPress site.

Disadvantages of WordPress

While WordPress has become one of the most widely used content management platforms, its safe to say that it comes with its disadvantages, despite being a popular choice. Some of these issues may be something that may greatly affect your blog and company website, in all the wrong ways. 

Plugins to Make Things Work

While some may appreciate these plugins, we included, but sometimes it can seem that we solely need to rely on plugins to get our websites working in the first place and to properly manage them and their content. But with these plugins come another set of issues, compatibility. There is also the issue of a number of plugins no longer being updated and not compatible with a future update. Speaking of updates, it might also be a hassle to constantly update all the plugins your website is using.

Susceptible to Slow Speeds

Sometimes, you may come across a theme or plugin which may sound good and look good on paper but can drastically affect the speed of your webpage.  Unfortunately, the issue is quite common as there are a number of plugins and themes which are outdated and no longer being worked on. Sometimes important items like images and videos can also slow the site down if the theme you are using is not well updated to them. A slow website may be detrimental to its presence online, as Google tends to de-index websites which are not loading quick enough. 

Difficult SEO

Because of factors like the one mentioned above, keeping your websites SEO rankings up constantly maybe abt more difficult. Plus relying solely on WordPress SEO features to boost your site’s ranking is not advisable, while there are many useful plugins to assist with SEO, they alone will not easily get good ranks for Google. 


Because of its popularity, WordPress has been a big target for hackers and spammers. Many times bloggers and websites which have content will receive spam comments from various sources like viagra pill suppliers, pornography sites and the likes. You can download plenty of plugins to boost your website’s security, but it might not be enough. Venerable websites will, of course, only be an added risk to your website. And while you may be able to approve comments before they are posted, the number of spam comments you will have to approve and disapprove before they are seen will be a lot, and it will be time-consuming to go through filtering out real comments from the fake ones. 

Not Completely Free

It is safe to say that the reasons why many first-time website owners use WordPress are because it’s free. While many of us find this factor of WordPress good, there is always a catch. Free plans always have limitations and WordPress has enough limitations that can make it difficult to launch a proper website for free. If you aim to make your website unique, then you will need to spend a bit more cash on getting premium themes, and subscription that can ensure true uniqueness of your website. You should try to visit notepadchaos website to know more about this.

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Will WordPress Keep Pressing On?

Hello all. 

There’s been a question on my mind as of late, and its to do with the state of WordPress in the future. With the trend of newer platforms like Wix and Squarespace, it may feel like WordPress is lagging behind.

But as it turns out, WordPress still remains a popular platforms to build websites on. Granted if you were to also pay. Many feel like going for free products is enough, unless you are building illicit sites, having a good website is never free of charge.  

It should also be down to WordPress to see how much they are willing to listen to their users when it comes to bug fixes and security fixes on their site because being popular platforms has its flaws, hackers see a big target whenever they look at WordPress, and as such WordPress needs to really bump up their security for the sake of themselves and their users.  You also might want to know Why We Are A Huge Fan of WordPress.

Advantages of Using WordPress

WordPress has become one of the most popular content management platforms to host your website. Whether you are a small-time blogger, a content site ort an e-commerce site. WordPress remains one of the most popular choices when it comes to hosting websites. 

But why? Here we will go over the advantages of using WordPress as a platform to manage your content. 


WordPress has established itself as a platform that is easy and simple to use. This is great for those who don’t have a lot of experience in setting up websites. This is because, with WordPress, users can make a website without getting too much into coding and HTML, which is something that can take a while to learn. With many templates to choose from, the process becomes as easy as drag and drop. In all the simplicity of  WordPress reduces the amount of time one has to spend on building a website.


WordPress ensures that it is always up to date with the current technologies available. IT is common for websites to change form what they were initially set up for, with WordPress, it is easy to make those changes without having to restart your site entirely. WordPress has regular updates that make sure that all the new trends and technologies are being followed so that users will not have their site tanked by a new update. 

Design Options

Even if they are free themes, WordPress has done an excellent job in ensuring these themes are good looking and will make your website look premium. Plus, you can further customise the themes and designs to your liking to really add that personal touch which makes you unique.


The great thing we know and love WordPress for is their wide inventory of plugins that can provide great assistance when creating and managing a website and its content.  Plugins like Yoast have become essential for your websites Search Engine Optimization, which is the key to getting your website seen in the first place. The plugins offered on WordPress are created with skilled developers who seek to find ways to improve the experience of setting up and managing a website. In all, these plugins will only be beneficial, and if you have a WordPress website, you are 100% going to be using them to assist you

Search Engine Optimisation

Aside from plugins, WordPress itself has developed a platform which can assist in the SEO of your website by offering options to put in H1, H2 and H3 tags or alt-text in images. Coming back the plugins, you will find no shortage of SEO plugins to assist you, and they all do their job well. 

In all, WordPress is an excellent platform to host your website, with years of experience in the industry, WordPress is specialized in adapting to newer technologies and trends. You can try visit the notepadchaos and get to know more about this matter.

Ugly Side of Custom Themes

While most custom WordPress Themes are well designed and well-built for blogger and companies to use for their website, there is always a risk of getting a theme that may completely turn your website upside down and damage it heavily. And maybe, even give your computer a virus, which may ruin your entire operations. 

The world of WordPress themes is, unfortunately, not safe from maliciousness. As many third party-themes outside of WordPress are premium and need to be paid for, many websites have set themselves up to become sources of free/ pirated versions of these themes. While it may be great for those who don’t want to dig in their wallets for a theme, there is always a catch, like making a deal with the devil. The risk of using these sites to download pirated versions of these themes is that there is an added risk of getting all sorts of nasties that can effectively disrupt your computer. Malware, Adware, Ransomware and the likes. The type of stuff you will surely like to avoid like the plague.

It is important to remember that these themes are made by people who spend lots of time to perfect them, and they will surely want to be paid for the work they do, hence why most custom themes are paid for. However, there are always free versions with limitations so that people may get a taste. To understand this, you will know why paying for a premium theme is better than just pirating it. 

If you want free themes, WordPress has a variety of themes under their platform which you can choose from, these themes are great as they are less likely to harm your computer or the operations of your site, plus, they are also built to ensure that all plugins which you choose to install are compatible.

It is best to avoid websites that offer free versions of a product you should pay for in general, because not only are you stealing from the hard work people put into making these themes and ensuring that they run smoothly, you are also putting your websites and online business at risk of falling apart due to viruses. So why take that needless risk. If you have the money, why not just pay for the theme that you have an interest in, consider it an investment on your website or online business. Or, if you are just starting up, just use the many free themes that WordPress has on offer 

So in conclusion, while it may be tempting, it is not a very good idea to be tempted with free downloads of a paid product, as it’s potential effects may really bite back on your business efforts and the efforts of others. You can read more about this on notepadchaos website.

We Are Back!

We’re Back! Update and What’s Been Going On.

Hello everyone, I guess some of you may have been wondering where we’ve been, and what we’ve been up to as of late. To put it short, we have been making sure that my theme is compatible with all the new WordPress Updates that have come out and all the new plugins that come out too.  Needless to say, it is quite a task. But now we are here ready to come back and provide updates and support for the theme. 

But now we have released version v2.0 for those who want a new and improved theme. After listening in on your feedback and making the necessary adjustments, we hope to see that you will enjoy the latest update with our theme.

Our theme began its days as a simple project to expand and explore our skills in web development and design. And we are truly happy that many have downloaded and used our themes, it lets us know that we are at least doing something right. Over the years, we have continued to boost our expertise in ensuring that the theme works as intended, with new updates and systems coming in, we had to be on our toes so that our theme won’t be the ones causing your websites to stop working entirely. 

We were also working hard to ensure that our themes are only distributed from us, the creators. We have noticed that as our theme got a bit more popular, other less legitimate sites became sources to provide our theme, but instead of our lovely theme, users got spyware and malware. 

This was bad for both the users and ourselves. Firstly, the users will get downloads that harm their computers, secondly, our rep as a theme designer also gets tarnished too. So it is very important for us and for you to ensure that you obtain our theme from us, and not other third-party sites.

We are also drafting up plans to make other variants of the theme which include, but not limited to, a dark theme, a minimalist theme and royal theme. But these are still being placed on the drafting table, so it may be a while till we formulate and develop a new theme style entirely. But if there are any suggestions on the behalf of our users, our ears are open and we can perhaps try to begin work on a theme that you want. 

We are aware that design taste may change over time so we are constantly trying to find ways to keep within the trends and keep our theme in the bubble of themes people can use on WordPress. We don’t want to have a theme that makes 

But in the meantime, enjoy version 2.0, we will be making quick patches for any issues that have been found, so please do be sure to report them to us, and we will get started on rectifying those fixes.